Monday, August 22, 2011

CrossFit Update

I'm trying to keep my CF posts separate from everything else, so those of you that aren't interested don't have to trudge through them!  :) 


I got up on Saturday and went even thought I kind of suspected that Legs wasn't actually going to be there like she indicated she would.  She wasn't.  That's okay, it got me there, right?  This was my first time going four times in one week.  That along with three Jazzercise classes was probably the toughest fitness week I have ever had.  Just goes to show that I CAN do it!

The WOD for Saturday was with a partner.  I was a little concerned when I didn't see Legs there.  Pukey was there though!  Who woulda thought it??  And he has very obviously dropped some pounds.  Men.  Army Girl was there too, but so was her best friend.  One of the morning badass girls was there, but there was another badass there, so they teamed up.  Sprinkles was also there, but so was the Hotness so I thought they might pair up.  Anyway, after a quick warm up, I had a brief panic and thought maybe I would be the last person standing without a partner.  There were 26 people there (HUGE class), so I knew there would be somebody to pair up with, but I was still freaking out.

Almost immediately, Sprinkles came bounding over and asked if I wanted to pair up.  I <3 Sprinkles!  Even if I could hate her through puppy saving, I couldn't hate her through saving me from an elementary school flashback!!

WOD:  10 rounds total
  • 100m run
  • 10 pullups (or ring rows which is what we did)
  • 100m run
  • 10 burpees
This was going to be tough for us, but off we went.  I went first and although I fell behind during the initial run, I made up a wee bit of time on my burpees.  But after ONE round, I was beat.  I had FOUR more.  I rested while Sprinkles went but it was never long enough.  Each round took about 1:30-2:00 each.  So 1:30-2:00 of the hardest cardio you can push yourself to do then 1:30-2:00 of resting.  I noticed on the second round that the Hotness slowed up to come in behind me.  Hmmm...

He was part of an alpha pair (who along with one other pair) did the 10 prescribed pull ups each set.  Again, many of us did ring rows, other pairs did 1/2 pull ups and then moved to ring rows, and the rest might have done 5-7 pull ups per round.  Everyone is in a different stage of fitness.  Two of the groups that did it completely as prescribed finished last (including the Hotness's pair).  So, even though I have a hunch that he slowed down so we didn't finish last, it is also possible that it was just that much harder for them.  Either way, I have a feeling that the Hotness is just as sweet as Sprinkles.  What a little sunshine couple.

Anyway, both Sprinkles & I were DYING by the end, but we finished.  It was TOUGH.  Of course, we weren't done.  We had to do :20 flutter kicks, :10 rest, :20 leg lifts, :10 rest, repeat.  I'm not sure how many rounds we did, but we did plenty. 

I was glad to be in a big huge group workout and not feel like I was completely out of place!  I feel like I have come a LONG way in 2 months.


The alarm came early this morning.  But I knew that I needed to go.  I almost forgot a bra & underwear for work, but I remembered at the last minute.  Whew! 

No Sprinkles this morning, but my old friend WG (short for weekday girl because she only comes on weekdays) was there.  Another lady (I call her Glimmer who is a SheRa character because she is a badass, but not quite SheRa) was there and I'm getting to know her pretty well too.  There were 4 or 5 boys there as well. 

We started with a 400m run.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate to run??  Because I do.  I wouldn't want anyone to think that had changed.  The rest of the warm up included some jumping jacks (50), squats (20) and other assorted stretches.  Nothing too major.

Then it was time for the weightlifting portion of the class.  We were to do Power Snatches 3-3-2-2-1-1-1 with increasing weight and in between each set do KB swings 30(for the 3s) - 20 (for the 2s) - 10 (for the 1s) also with increasing weight.  Butch wrote it on the board differently and I misunderstood at first, but some of the class corrected me.  They didn't laugh at me too much.  :)  

The Snatch is a move where you lift the bar from the floor to overhead in one smooth motion.  It is the hardest of the moves and if you watch Olympic weight lifting, you know that the weight used is typically lighter than the Clean & Jerks.  I have only Snatched with a bar, so I discussed with Butch and he basically told me just to try stuff.  Heh.  So I started with the bar and 2.5# weights on each side for a total of 40#.  It was funny seeing my little baby weight compared to everyone else's, but you have to start somewhere!!  I increased 5# each rep until I got to 55# and stuck with that to the end.   I am impressed with myself that I can lift 55# from the ground above my head without hurting myself.  Such progress!!

For the KB swings, I used 18# for about 1/2, then moved up to 26#.  I could have probably done a little heavier, but I didn't want to hurt myself. 

Once we were done, we finished with:
  • 30-20-10
  • straight legged sit ups
  • wall balls (I used a 10# ball) If you dropped the ball, you had to start that rep over.  I did not drop the ball!!!
I did this in 5:06 which was the third fastest time, I think.  Maybe 4th.  Anyway, it is probably time to moved up to the 14# pound ball (which is the prescribed weight for ladies) for wall balls.  Yuck!

All in all, I still continue to feel like I'm conquering the world with every class.  I leave for Louisiana on Friday morning and I'm without a car tomorrow.  So between today, Wednesday, & Thursday, my goal is to get in 3 CrossFit classes and 2 Jazzercise classes. 

Remember:  today is the Jazzercise One Day Sale.  It is truly a good one!  $0 to start.  Crazy!  Go to and see where the closest location is to you.  This is absolutely the best time to start!  LBG had a quote on FB this morning that was something like "This time next year you will wish you started now."  That's it.  START NOW!!



Laura Belle said...

Wow. Badass is what you are hotty-boom-body!!! 7 workouts in one week. You go girl!!

Cat said...

Good luck dearest with the heavier ball when you upgrade!! Time to challenge yourself again. (ha like everysingle workout isn't a challenge right??) *hugs for you*

Also - yes, Laura has it right. BADASS!