Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handstands and other CrossFit ridiculousness...

I saw the WOD last night and BRIEFLY thought of going on Friday instead.  :)  But I didn't.  I got up this morning and got moving.  I got there just as the trainers did and they watched me drive up.  As I walked in, Bach said she had never seen my car.  She said, "It's a little booger!"  That totally cracked me up.  I told her that I call it my Skittle and she said that was probably better.  HAHA!

We only had to do a 1/4 mile warm up so that was a treat!!  The rest of the warm up wasn't very strenuous.  TD & Bach usually have tough warm ups. Not sure why they are being easier on us the last few times. 

The scheduled listed 10:00 HSPU next.  Last night I read that as 10 minutes of handstand push ups, which is why I didn't want to go.  While that IS what it means, we actually just worked on our hand stands and push ups for ten minutes.  Big difference!! 
So...time to do a handstand.  I stood in front of the wall and looked at it.  For a while.  Bach said that maybe I should start by walking my feet up the wall.  So I did and I was successful.  But I knew I could kick up if I could just get myself to do it.  PLUS...Pres doesn't kick up, he walks up.  And something in me wanted to do this one little thing that Pres doesn't (I say doesn't because he totally CAN) do. 

More wall staring.  I started to go for it and stopped.  Bach laughed so hard that I think something may have flown out of her nose.  Maybe it was my car!  :)  Anyway, now I had to do it.  Hands down.  Kick up.  Boomerang against the wall.  Down I go.

Okay, let's try again.  Hands down.  Kick up.  Hover.  Down I go.  Bach said to put my booty closer to the wall.  Hands down.  Kick up.  Wait a minute...there it is!  I'm doing a handstand!!  Woo-freaking-hoo!!!

I did several more, but I did the booty boomerang off the wall a lot.  My butt is apparently very bouncy.  But I did it and that was my thrilling moment of accomplishment for the day. 

I did a handstand, y'all!!

Time for the WOD:  100 Hang Power Cleans with 10 situps for every rest.

Last week we did Squat Cleans and I used 55#.  I remember thinking that maybe I could go higher, but we only did 40 in sets of 10.  So, I tried 55# again for this.  The clock started and I did 15 Cleans before I had to stop.  10 situps.  From there I would do 10 Cleans then 10 situps.  Honestly, the situps were not hard for me at all and I was able to adequately catch my breath during that time so I could get right up and start again.  Thank you Jazzercise for my core strength!!  When I got to 15 remaining, I split them into reps of 7.  My arms were burning by then.  I finished 100 Hang Power Cleans and 90 situps in 13:54.  Not too bad since I was lifting more than the girl behind me who has been doing it for longer.  YAY!

I thought we were done...but noooooo.  We were supposed to hang on the pullup bar 3 times for 30 seconds.  Ugh, no.  Have you all ever tried just hanging from a bar?  I still weigh almost 200 pounds and "just" hanging is not an easy thing to do.  I ended up doing 2x at :15 and 1x at :10.  It was literally the best I could do and it is where I got this little bad girl...
I'm not sure if you can even see it, but it hurts like a mf.  No joke.  Glad they will get a couple day break.  I showed Burrito my blister and he scoffed and he couldn't even see the little thing.  Butthead!  It is totally there!!

I plan to meet Legs at the Saturday morning class, so that will be fun!!



Dawnya said...

Apparently my glasses are dirty...because I don't see it either. LOL

You kicked butt (even if your bootay is bouncy). You are taking over that dang CF class. You are the star!!

Anonymous said...

I totally see a blister!

Cat said...

I see the blister. Totally below your ring finger. Poor baby. : (

So freaking thrilled (I'm grinning fo realz) about your handstand. That's why you're my hero. Trying new stuff and just getting it DONE!

Andrea said...

Ouch! That's awesome about the handstand. I remember the first time I was able to do one in yoga and and it was such a good feeling!

Justawallflower said...

My old trainer use to make me do the dead hangs all the time! I kind of liked it because it stretched me out, but yeah, 20 sec. is beyond enough!

Ronnie said...

I can see it. :( No bueno!