Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm not a Thoroughbred, I'm a Clydesdale.

I "woke up" at 5:30 this morning and walking into the bathroom.  I'm pretty sure that I was standing on the empty floor where my scale used to be before I remembered it wasn't there.  Heh.  5:30 is early, people.  I was still slightly sleepy when I got to CF, but the 400m run warm up woke me up.  I was so happy it wasn't an 800m!  Bach's husband Butch was our trainer this morning.  Butch is probably the worst nickname for him because he totally doesn't look like a Butch, but there you go.

He isn't cruel with the warm ups, so that's nice.  He did have us do some sprints though so I started wondering if Pres is actually emailing him and telling him to make me run more.  I seriously hate to run.

The first part of class, we worked on dead lifts.  Last time we did them, my lower back hurt for a week (at least) and I told Butch that.  So he had me go light on the weight and he checked out my form.  He said that I'm doing them perfectly, and just to see how my back feels the next couple of days.  If all is well, go up in 10 pound increments.  I was only lifting 55#, so it felt light and I think I will be good to go.

The WOD was the most awesome one I have done so far.  We used sleds and prowlers.  Sleds are just these super small sleds and you stack weights on them.  You pull them with long straps that are attached.  The prowler is a smaller version of the thing you see football players pushing down the field.  I started pulling 90# on the sled and it was no problem.  I did 3 more pulls on the sled at 135# (which was the same as the other girl in the class & a couple of the guys.)  Honestly, the hardest part for me was trying to run backwards on the return trip.

The prowler had 180# stacked on it.  The first time up, one of the girls told me I should probably take off one of the 45# weights and I started to do that.  A couple of the guys started encouraging me to just try it at 180#.  You know me...what the hell, right??  I KICKED THAT THING'S ASS!!  I pushed it all the way down AND all the way back at a light jog.  That is where the title of the post comes from.  I'm probably never going to beat anyone in a speed race, but load me down and I can power through.  I felt like Wonder Woman!!  I did it 2 or 3 more times with all of the weight.  So proud!

If you would have told me a couple of years ago (hell, a year ago) that I would be doing 6am workouts like this, I would have laughed.  No freaking way.  First of all, I don't get up that early!  But here I am.  If you are sitting there shaking your head thinking you can't do this, stop.  You can or at least you will be able to.  Just start somewhere (like I did with Jazzercise) and keep pushing.  I'm such a better Jazzerciser now that I have done CF and I know that I CF better because of Jazzercise. 

It is all about finding the thing that makes you want to do it again.  I tried morning running and I just coudln't get myself to do it more than once.  But what I have determined is that I HATE running.  It is not the right exercise for me.  But CF & Jazzercise where things are always changing IS right for me.  I'm already looking forward (with a slight amount of dread which isn't all bad) to Friday.  :)



Ronnie said...

You are Wonder Woman! You're a machine! Can't believe the other gal tried to discourage you, doesn't she know that nobody puts Beth Ann in the corner?!

Dawnya said...

You are going to have to change your name to BACH...because you are doing the damn thing. I still can't believe you are getting up that early in the morning. You are insane!!! But since you say I can do it then I guess I have to give it a try. I will let you know when I wake up at crack ass of dawn. LOL

Stacey said...

I thought there was a bill introduced to make 5:30 am illegal? I know in my book it is. I am NOT a morning person.

Cat said...

Ha! I actually chuckled outloud at the 5:30 step into the scale spot.

Seriously Beth Ann, you are A-FREAKING-Mazeballs. I am so proud of you and the effort with which you are kicking a$$ at CF.

I always did love the Clydesdales. They are my favorites.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Great job, Beth! I personally hate to run too. I do much better in a class setting. I enjoy Zumba, Circuit and Ballet Barre. It helps when you find something you like. That way you stick with it.

Laura Belle said...

Yeah! For Wonder Woman Beth Ann!

You are so bad ass!

I got up at 5:30 both yesterday and today! We're powering thru those early mornings, cupcake!!

Amanda said...

5:10 for me this morning and you know what I thought of you while I was filling my water bottle! While I drive..I think of ten reasons (lies) to call in and cancel for. 'I have the flu, I over slept, my car won't start.' But I still go!

Yay us!!