Monday, August 8, 2011

Weight Loss is Hard

What a nice weekend!  Friday, BFF, ShareBear & I went to see the Smurfs.  I <3 Neil Patrick Harris.  :)  It was a cute movie.  It was an early night after my week of early morning workouts.

Saturday started right with Jazzercise.  I continued the good streak with errands then came home and cleaned out my closet.  How productive, right!?!  I found a box of clothes as I was cleaning and I realized that I had packed it away right after my surgery.  There were two pairs of size 22W pants.  I remember that I was busting out of them before my surgery, but within a couple weeks after, they were too big.  Needless to say, they were like clown pants now.

There was also a bunch of "skinny" clothes in there as well.  There were about 5 pairs of size 18 NY&Co pants that are as cute as can be.  They were my favorite pants in my brief smaller period in 2006.  They were ALL too big.  I wish I would have remembered they were down there.  They would have been nice to have last Fall!!  There were also several shirts that I wore during that time.  Some are out of style, some were too big and a few I kept and are perfect right now.  How fun!  There is one shirt that I remember NEVER fit.  I bought it on sale as an incentive or something, but I never quite made it.  It fits perfectly now!!  YAY!

For dinner, BFF, Armstrong & I went to a pizza place for dinner.  I feel like I ate an appropriate amount and the pizza was very tasty.

Yesterday, church, more errands and chores, then I cooked.  I grilled turkey burgers, andouille sausage, veggie kabobs, & sweet potatoes.  It was delicious and there is plenty leftover for the rest of the week.

NSA - I have to say that I have been doing okay without the scale, but I still have the weekend slump.  With all the calories I burn, I should be having such great deficits each day, but I still make bad food choices on the weekend.  I can narrow down my issues for this week:
  • I ate paella EVERY night for dinner.  I'm actually okay with this.  It is not low calorie, but it was homemade with all fresh ingredients.  There is nothing particularly bad about it except the servings have close to 500 calories which is higher than my target for dinner.  (Lunch is my biggest meal of the day.)
  • I went to the grocery store hungry on Saturday.  I got two things off list:  queso & a dark chocolate bar.  Neither of those things are particularly horrible, but I ate the entire package of queso with chips AND the chocolate bar with peanut butter and graham crackers over the course of the weekend.  The chocolate concoction was probably about 1200 calories combined and I'm guessing the queso was about 1500 combined.  That was 2700 calories this weekend that I WASTED.  Again, I didn't eat these at one sitting, but grazed on it over two days here and there.  IT ADDS UP!
That kind of made me a little ILL to write out.  When you sample a little bit here and grab a little bit there, it just doesn't seem like much.  But when I look at it this way...ugh!!  Those are the kinds of choices that I would like to change.  I think by simply not going to the grocery store hungry, I could have avoided that.  I only eat what is there...if I don't buy it, it isn't there. 

Amazingly, I still had a deficit for the week.  Thank you Jazzercise & CrossFit!  Without the scale, I don't know exactly how it translates into weight loss but I will just keep moving ahead.

It sucks that you can do so many things right:
  1. Worked out 6 1/2 hours for the week.  3 CrossFit, 3 Jazzercise, 1 Walked at lunch.
  2. Drank over 100 ounces of water every day.
  3. Avoided processed foods for dinner.  (Avoiding them for lunch will come later this month.)
  4. Doing better with measuring and paying attention to portion control.
  5. Avoided treats after dinner instead having low calorie choices available.
Yet, one trip to the grocery store all but wiped out all that hard work.  I'm not whining or complaining, I'm just putting fingers to keyboard to show myself what "a few bites" or "just a little here and there".  Weight loss is hard.  But not being honest with myself will just make it harder and more frustrating. 



Ronnie said...

*cough* I'll take any 16's that are too big. *wink wink* hehe

I went to the grocery store hungry this weekend, too. No bueno. So I know how you feel. Not always the easiest to be good, huh?

Weight loss IS hard. Anybody who says different is outside their mind!

Laura Belle said...

Good post. It is hard. Well, making the correct choices are least for me. And getting up at 5am to run is hard.

But, I guess if it was easy, we would all be skinny little tulips....right? With no cares or worries in our skinny little world.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger (and more!

Amanda said...

I never want chocolate and that is all I wanted yesterday. I ate the same darn thing. Pb, Graham crackers, chocolate. I ate queso on Friday before dinner too. I am going for a fill, another week ehh? Let's keep pushing. Ignore my shifty typing. My iPad is not being friendly today!

Cat said...

Mmmmm PB & DARK CHOCOLATE...Ooooh satan how you tempt us awesome lap banders with your creamy peanut butter and semi sweet chocolate bits of decadance. *drool, drool* Oh what? Oh yeah, Beth Ann...glad you had such a lovely weekend dear. I <3 NPH too. Hubby wants to name one of our new kitties we'll be getting in NOvember "Barnie" after NPH's character on How I met your Mother.

Have you seen the Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog? To die for. You must check it out if you haven't seen it.

Shannon said...

I have a hard time bing honest to myself about how much I eat. It's so hard to admit to yourself when you mess up :/

FitBy40 said...

this happens to me every month, about one day before TOM arrives. I hate myself when it happens then I realize what's happening.
At least you're aware of it! Great post.

Robyn's Nest said...

Your weekend sounds like it was very busy.
How nice to have found those clothes and get to be reminded about how far you have come.

Dawnya said...

Okay my are going to knock that queso, chocolate and pb right off at CF. You are so much stronger than others. I think the weekend is so hard, because are schedules are a not as structured during the work week.

Like Ronnie...I will take all size 18's and 20's...Yup...send them to the State Capital please. LOL

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

For real - the post title says it all. xoxo

Cece said...

As my old boss (the biz owner) used to say: If it were easy ... everyone would be doing it ! You are doing 'it' ... just check out those clown pants ...I'm going to have to look into this paella stuff ... if you can have it for five days and look like you - I'm all over it !

Andrea said...

This is great! You are doing inspiring!