Friday, August 5, 2011

One Step at a Time

5 Reasons Not To Go To CrossFit this Morning
  • It was Friday at 6am.
  • I could always go tomorrow.
  • I like my bed!
  • It's not like I really know anyone in the class yet, they won't miss me.
  • I read right before I went to bed that the WOD would be running.  (Yeah, that's the one.)
Why I Went Anyway
  • I was already awake.  If I didn't go, I would just be laying there feeling guilty, not sleeping.
  • Now I can Jazzercise tomorrow.
  • I always feel better on days I work out in the morning.  (I almost hate to admit this.)
  • Pres would give me a very hard time if I didn't go!
  • What's the worst thing that could happen, right?
As I laid in bed last night, I looked at the website that said the WOD would be 20 a mile and then do as many wall balls as you can to fill up the time.  I can "run" a mile.  I've done that many times.  However, I have not done it in "a group", particularly a group of very in shape people.  I have been really good at checking my pride at the door and just doing my best, but I have to admit that I was fearful that I would just do so horribly that it would be embarrassing.

Thank goodness the warm up run was only a 400m.  We did a lot of warming up today...sit ups, squats, ring dips, back extensions...lots of stuff.  All the while the anxiety is building for me.  Finally it was time.  I made Bach go over the route with me an extra time because I knew that I would lose sight of the group.

Off we went.  We went in the direction of our normal 400m run but it took me a while to remember that the normal 400m turnaround spot was only at the 200m mark.  There was still a LONG way to go.  We basically run in a big square.  As I turned the first corner, I could see the pack ahead in the distance.  Around the 600m mark, I think, I started catching my breath just a little (which probably had something to do with the fact that the ground leveled off at that point.)  As I turned the second corner, I could see one lone girl in the distance.  Sigh.  I was REALLY falling behind.

I just kept thinking, "PLEASE let it be under 15 minutes."  I can almost WALK a mile in 15 minutes.  I was really secretly hoping to be under 13 minutes.  My fastest mile ever, on a treadmill, in the a/c, no incline, with no other workout was 12 flat.  This was outside, over 90 degrees, definitely not flat and I was already sweating before I started.  But still...I thought it was possible to beat 13 minutes.

As I rounded the last corner, there wasn't a soul in site.  But just like everything else in my life right now, I took one (literal) step at a time.  Just as I came up to the door, Bach was checking on me.  I looked at the clock...11:18.  WHAT??  11:18???  I swear I almost cried with joy.   But I couldn't because I had wall balls to do.  I only used a 10# ball, but I went at it.  I'm pretty sure I did 88 of them in the remaining time, but I was slightly concerned that it might be 78, so that is what I wrote down.  I would rather say I did 78 when I actually did 88, than say 88 when I actually did 78.

So, another super fabulous day at CrossFit that was uber hard but made me feel like a beast! 

Funny story:  so apparently a couple days ago Pres asks to use Lizard's computer.  He is her boss, so she says okay.  Well, during that time, he sent an email (as Lizard) to Bach telling her that they are my friends and how much I love CF and how much I'm starting to like running and oh by the way, ask her about the chocolate she's eating.  Seriously.  This is a grown man, people.  It did make me giggle even though I couldn't imagine what Bach thought of that.  She responded very nicely.

Today I talked to her about it and she joked that it will be mandatory in Fundamentals class from now on to give her your boss's email so she can get reports about bad food choices.  It was all so silly, but funny too.  Knowing that Pres is paying attention to my progress definitely makes me work harder. 

So, today is "First Friday" at our company, meaning that we have a company lunch in then leave early.  BFF & I are going to go see the Smurfs.  :)  Hope you all have a great weekend!!



Fluffy said...

HA! You're right, it is. : ) You're awesome...well, except the part about going to the smurfs?! I am rationalizing that in my mind that it has PNH in it (who I personally think is great! I've gotten over Doogie Howswer!) ... teasing of course. Well, kinda. Maybe. A bit.

Andrea said...

Good for you! It's hard to make yourself go when you don't feel like it, but you always feel better after!

Stephanie M. said...

Good for you for going anyway! A guy at work is trying to talk me in to trying Crossfit...and I'm thinking about it.

Laura Belle said...

WAY to GO! I am so freaking happy for you I could pee rainbows! I'm pretty sure I can't even get under 12 minutes for running. I need to step up my game to keep up with you!

And i've been meaning to say this, but you sound like you have the best boss/Pres ever! I wish the managers around my place were even 1/4 as interested in our lives as yours is in yours. If that makes sense. What a great motivator!

Ronnie said...

You're such an inspiration, Beth. I might have to steal Cat's nickname and start calling you Hero! :)

Ronnie said...

Dang, now I feel like I have to go work out! LOL Thanks a lot! =P

Cat said...

Ooooh Hero! So very proud of you for getting up and getting it done and LOOKIE at what you did?? 11:18!!! That's amaze-balls for sure girl! luv ya!!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Great job, Beth! My son and his fiance' just moved to Santa Fe from Scottsdale and started Crossfit. He loves it!

FitBy40 said...

You make me proud! Run like the wind!