Friday, August 19, 2011



While I wouldn't say I have been eating like a "pig" per se, I'm definitely eating a lot.  At first, I thought I was just making bad choices, but I realized yesterday that I'm really hungry.  For lunch I had salmon, new potatoes & veggies for lunch.  Totally great and totally delicious.  I was not full when I was done.  I ate a granola bar within the hour.  I had to have TWO more snacks before I got to Jazzercise and my stomach was still growling during class. 

I think if I were at my goal, I would just fight it.  But since I'm still in losing mode, I think that I will be getting that fill regardless of what the scale tells me. 


I'm SO tired!  Well, not at this exact moment, but for the last couple of days, I have been exhausted.  Understand though, that I don't feel sluggish or like my body is TIRED.  I'm more SLEEPY.  I feel like I could go hike up a mountain, but right after this little nap.  That is unlike me.  I'm sure it is from the change to morning workouts and all that I have been asking my body to do.  Hopefully it will settle in soon!!


I dream all the time and a lot of times I remember them, but most times I don't.  I woke up TWICE last night dreaming about BOOBs. 

In the first one, I had driven to Jenny's to give her something.  She apparently lives in a warehouse...  She & Draz were painting each others fingernails.  Of course.  Anyway, Draz says she will paint mine and shows me how the silver polish makes it look like you have rhinestones on your nails.  If you paint them one way, the stones look in line, but if you do it another way, they look like they are in a circle.  Fascinating, huh?

In the second one, I was supposed to be in Chicago.  In my dream, Chicago is very rustic and the hotel is cabin-like.  Dawyna and Brandy, two of my Friday & Saturday night roomies were there.  But Steph was not.  However, her RUM was.  My BFF was there too and I kept asking her why she was there and she would just shrug.  I told her that I thought she was supposed to be Debi and she would just shrug. Plus, I kept thinking it was Thursday and I was searching for Donna.  I kept saying that I was in the wrong room.

Anyway, I was upset because we were drinking all of Steph's rum and she wasn't going to get any.  I took a big drink myself and realized that the rum was chocolate...hmmm, interesting connection my brain made there, huh?...and I had mixed it with pineapple juice.  I couldn't throw it out though, because that is WASTEFUL. 

Yes, my dreams are always this exciting.


You will have to read my next post to get the CrossFit news although I will you that there are a couple of interesting tidbits in there.  :)  After CF, I came to work and got ready in the locker rooms like normal.  I was in my office doing my makeup when all of a sudden I realized that I couldn't really see.  I mean I could see the big stuff, it wasn't dark or anything, but there was like a fuzzy round spot in the middle of each eye.  I kept trying to blink but the wouldn't go away. 

I started to get a little nervous and turned to the computer to see if I could google something about it.  I couldn't read the screen!  I started to freak out a little bit.  This lasted about 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, I realized that I could see in the center now, but the fuzziness had started to move to the periphery.  It was like it was expanding in a circle, but there was a hole in the middle.  Like a doughnut.

It took over 45 minutes for everything to completely disappear.  So weird!  I have NEVER had anything like that happen.  Have any of you?  Anyone know what might cause that?  Other than a small tension headache, I have zero symptoms.  I'm not groggy, weak, sick or anything.  It's all gone now and I'm back to work.

I bet I'm in bed by 8:30 tonight!!



Shannon said...

I wouldn't let the eye thing go. I would get seen by a doctor. Something like that could anything from neurological in nature to just being tired. I would get that checked out.
Not really alot of help, I hope you figure it out soon though.

Interesting dreams :)

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I have had that happen before, not like a donut, but a big blurry section, I went to the eye doctor and they told me it was an occular migrane. I have had them several times since, they are very disturbing but they don't hurt. I would still talk to your eye doctor or PCP about it though. I hope you feel better!

Dawnya said...

I need you to make a Dr. appointment. It could be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

Your dreams are live and in living color. I love that. I love that we drank all the damn rum. I can't wait to get that rum. I can't believe yours tasted like chocolate.

Jen lives in a warehouse because she needs to house all of Draz's purses and shoes.

Ronnie said...

What is this rum business? I might have to invade you gals' hotel room sometime during BOOBs weekend so I don't miss the fun. :)

Also... that eye thing has happened to me. Super scary.

Stephanie said...

I think it's funny that a rum called "Big Black Dick Rum" tasted like chocolate. (And yes ladies, that's the real name of the rum I'm brining to Chicago.

Laura Belle said...

The eye thing happened to me the other day!! I just thought it was my contact and moved on. But it was right after I worked out really hard and was sitting at the computer and couldn't read the blogs. It was so weird, so I got up and walked around and nothing helped. Just like you, about 40ish minutes later it went away. I don't remember a headache, but I get regular migraines all the time, so a little headache I'll never feel.

Ummm, I'll have to mention this to my doc.

Stephanie said...

The same thing with my vision happened to me back when I used to get really bad migraines in high school. my senior year I had 2 CT scans because they were worried about tumors. They never could explain the cause, but then again that was 21 years ago. I haven't had any issues like it since. I do get "ice Pick headaches" that come out of nowhere, feel like someone has jammed an ice pick in the side of your head, yanked it out and about 20 minutes later the pain is gone. In the mean time it is incapacitating. Good luck to you!

Cat said...

Your dreams were hysterical hon. Thanks for sharing them. Please get your eyes checked for sure hon.

FitBy40 said...

I'm sitting here at work trying to maintain my professional composure and reading these comments is not helping! Cracking up over here.

I think every woman should have some big black Dick once in her life! OMG, I just wrote that...I'm blushing!

Justawallflower said...

What funny dreams!

As for the blindness, that is craziness. I hope you find out what it was. The only time I have heard of temporary blindness that is completely random was in a friend of mine that has ms. I'm sure thats not the case here, but still, craziness!