Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I ::heart:: Jazzercise.

Jazzercise was so fun last night!  First, we were in the smaller gym, so we were a little cozier.  There is plenty of room but sometimes in the big gym we are so far away from each other.  Plus, we used tubes (the stretchy elastic band thingees) instead of weights which was different.  I prefer weights overall, but I always like doing something a little different every once in a while.  And it was the big One Day Sale, so was excited to see someone walk in the door to sign up!  Why yes, I AM a big old Jazzercise nerd.  I'm not sure of the final numbers, but I think we signed up 8 new people at our location. 

I will be glad to take today off from exercise completely.  Tomorrow I will get right back on the horse!

Today is a very busy day, so I must get to it.  I have several meetings/calls with outside people, so I have to spend time earning my VP stripes.  It is actually days like today that remind me how much I love my job.  I like good busy!

Have a great week!  Hugs!


Amanda said...

Ohh have a lovely day, Beth! Can't wait to try jazzercise with you! Never have before!

Shannon said...

it's so nice when you actually like your job

Ronnie said...

I'm excited to Jazzercise in Chi-Town with you both, too! :) Who else signed up for that? lol Is it gonna be just us three?

Dawnya said...

OMG. I'm jealous because u love your job.

However, I'm happy that you are happy.

I found a coupon...sign up for 1 month of Jazzercise, get 1 month free. After I try it out in the Chi, I will decide weather or not to use that coupon.

~Lisa~ said...

I hope you're having a lovely day, Lovely Lady!

Cat said...

I love my job too!! I haven't tried Jazzercise. Is it like Zumba? Do you wear special clothes for Jazzercise? Do I get koolaid? :)
Seriously though, I'm considering finding a Jazzercise near me and gettin some of that koolaid too. My zumba koolaid is delish.