Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was such a nice weekend!  Friday after work, BFF and I met some friends from Jazzercise for dinner.  Before we met up with them, we had time to shop.  I bought a size 12 jacket from Stein Mart and it is so cute!  I also got size 12 jeans and size M sweater from the Gap!  I had fit into size 12 jeans from Cato & Levis for a while, but it is so cool to walk in to a store and be able to pick up a size 12.  And a M??  That's kind of new for anything besides a layering tank.  What a nice feeling!!!

Dinner was delicious and it is always fun to hang out with people you care about.  I was good and ate grilled pork loin with vegetables.  I did have two drinks, but they were small and I counted the calories!

Saturday started with CrossFit which was so awesome that it got its own post.  (See previous entry.)  After class, I was bouncing off the walls.  I ran some errands, got my hair done, and made paella before BFF & I decided to go to the movies.  We went to see Horrible Bosses which I thought was funny.  I'm not going to lie, I did have some movie popcorn for my treat of the week, but along with everything else I logged the calories.

Sunday, after church, BFF, Armstrong (as in Lance because my friend is a big biker) and I went to the lake to meet some friends.  I realize that going to the lake is a good old summer activity, but it is just too darn hot to be outside, in my opinion.  The rest of the day was full of errands and chores then ended with BFF's birthday dinner of seafood paella and some malbec wine.  Again, every calorie accounted for.

Today begins No Scale August.  I took my starting weight this morning and I will not weigh again until Wednesday, 8/31.  The scale is going to Auntie Lizard's house for a little vacation.  Or for a time out.  The little a$$hole told me that I did not lose ANYTHING for the week and I gained 2.4 pounds for the month.  I will give that a big, fat (literally!) WHAT-EVAH!  I counted everything that went in my mouth conservatively and monitored all calories burned.  By my calculations, I should have lost over a pound this week.  After a short moment of frustration, I charged ahead.  I know I'm doing the right things.  My body is better off than it was four weeks ago.  Things are fitting better and I know I look tighter although my measurements aren't really reflecting that either.  I can't explain the crazy gain numbers (especially since I was over 5 pounds below that number on Friday.)  But I don't care.  I will continue to do what I know is right.

Not to bury the lead, but I went to 6am CrossFit this morning!!  WOO-freaking-HOO!!  Getting up at 5:25am was tough, but it is "only" an hour and 20 minutes before I usually get up, so I think it is going to be doable.  I got to my very first Big Kids class and the trainer was super nice.  In fact, every person in the class was super nice.  The Hotness goes in the evening so he wasn't there, but I'm sure I will live.  There were 4 other girls and about 8 guys in the class.  We warmed up with an 800m run and some calisthenics.  I was absolutely drenched in sweat and I asked the trainer when the warm up stops feeling like a work out.  The girl next to me said "never."  Heh. 

We did 3 sets of 5 and 3 sets of 3 ring dips.  This is where you hold your body off the ground holding onto rings and dip down, pushing yourself up again.  I can't even get an inch of the floor without assistance, so I looped a giant rubber band between the two rings so I can put my knee on it.  This gives me enough support that I can do full extensions on the dips, but it is still hard.  There was a nice (cute!) guy that helped with some form and he and the trainer were very encouraging.  It is always nice not to feel judged!

The WOD was 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Hand Power Cleans (this is where you lift the barbell from your knees to your chest.  It is an Olympic lift.)  and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 burpees (this is where you squat, throw your legs out, lay chest down on the floor, push up, then jump to your feet, clapping your hands over your head.  Exhausting!)  So, I did 10 HPC's, then 1 burpee, 9 HPC's, then 2 burpees...etc.  At the round of 8 burpees, I switched to squat thrusts (which is acceptable scaling even though I prefer to do the prescriped workout) which takes out the push up part.  I was EXHAUSTED!!  But I finished.

I was in the car and on the way to work by 7am.  I showered in the locker room at work and got ready in my office. I was ready to go by 8am.  Perfect!  I will need some things in order to make this a little easier (I had like 5 bags I had to bring to work this morning!)  But if I go 3x per week in the mornings for 2 full weeks, I'm going to reward myself with a 2nd set of basic makeup.  This is actually quite expensive, but it will make it so much easier. 

Goals for last week/weekend
  • 5250 calorie deficit for the week  (missed this, but I had a 3,747 calorie deficit for the week)
  • Finish Fundamentals class and beat original WOD  (check!)
  • Go to 6am Monday morning CF  (check!)
Goals for this week/weekend
  • 5250 calorie deficit for the week
  • M-W-F 6am CrossFit
  • 2-3 Jazzercise classes
I have three work lunches this week, so the calorie deficit is going to be challenging, but I will give it my all!!

Have a great week, my friends!



Andrea said...

Sounds like a great weekend, minus the horrible heat! Have a great week!

Leslie said...

Look at you go! You impress me with your ability to put yourself out there and challenge yourself!!

I am so happy you liked the 6AM class, I love working out early in the morning. It just makes my day better.

Happy No Scale August!!

Ronnie said...

Damnit, why couldn't Hotness be there? Ugh.
You're awesome, Beth - you just keep impressing me. :)

Sounds like the weekend was fantastic. I say good riddance to getting rid of the scale for the month. Maybe I'll be able to do that one day!

Laura Belle said...

Yeah! I'm so proud of you little lady!!

What a great weekend and a great workout.

And I'm seriously contemplating giving up my scale too. I worked really hard last week eating right and working my ass off, and nothing to show for it on the scale. BS. Maybe if I don't have that 'downer' I'll work harder.

Cat said...

I am so very proud of you for getting up and going to the 6am CF!! Sorry no Hotness. :)

I think the new makeup is a fantastic reward!!

Becky said...

Wow, the CrossFit class sounds amazing! I am totally going to do classes like that, but I want to be much closer to goal. Right now it really is too hard for me to get much out of it.

Zumba and Turbo Kick for now. Hopefully Hotness will show up in some future classes. :) Don't you think AM workouts help you make better food decisions? You've already done a lot of work and you don't want to forfeit the progress you made. Know what I mean?

~Lisa~ said...

You never cease to amaze me!! You are my IDOL!

What a terrific sounding weekend you had - good for YOU!!!