Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holy CrossFit Victory, Batman!

Today was the last day of Fundamentals Class.  I am an official CrossFitter now!  :)  Today was the day that we see how far we have come.  On the very first day, this was our WOD:
  • 200m run
  • 12 squats/push ups/ring rows
  • 9 squats/push ups/ring rows
  • 6 squats/push ups/ring rows
  • 200m run
Today, we had the same WOD.  If anyone in the class did not beat our original time, the entire class had to run an extra mile.  Yikes!  Talk about pressure.  Lately didn't show up.  Hmm...  I have to admit, when I saw the WOD written out again, it felt "easy".  Not easy easy, but CF easy.  I felt confident that I would beat my time by at least a few seconds.  My goal was 30 seconds and my aggressive goal was a minute.

After warming up and having some reiview time (LOTS of squats!), it was time.  We lined up, Bach fired up the timer and cranked up the tunes, then we were off.  After the first 200m, I was about 25m  behind the pack and solidly in last place.  Even though I did knee push ups the first time, I did full on push ups this time.  Bach even told me I have good form.  Sweet!! 

In the middle of the 12 set, I realized I was passing people!  I just kept going as quickly as possible.  When I left the building for the final run, there were still a few people behind me.  Lanky caught up and passed me during the run, but nobody else did.  I finished in 5:06!!!  Even doing harder push ups, I bettered my time by 4 minutes and 7 seconds. 

I was huffing and puffing, but I was unbelievably proud.  Bach's mouth was hanging open.  She said that she thinks it might be the most improved time they have ever had.  If it isn't, it's close.  I almost started to cry. 

I have never tried to do something so tough or push my body the way I have with this.  But I'm so glad I did.  I mean, in all fairness, I had a longer way to go than everyone else.  But not only did I catch up to them, I even passed some of them!!!  So happy.

And I even made a friend!  I gave Legs my cell number and she texted a little while ago.  I think we will definitely meet up in future classes.  Love that!

Bach took a picture of the group, so hopefully I will have that to post soon.

My first Big Kid's Class as a CrossFitter is Monday morning at 6am.  Holy crap.  I can do it!!!



Ronnie said...

Ooh, you'll get a chance to chat up the Hotness in the regular class! :) (Sorry, I'm catching up on the entries from yesterday, promise I'll get to 'em!)

Ronnie said...

Oh, and GREAT job on the muchly improved time. You're a rock star, Miss Beth Ann!

Cat said...

Hero I'm so INCREDIBLY thrilled by this news. A full 4 min+ improvement from the beginning! Amazing simply Amazing. Absolutely inspired by this! You can totally do the 6am class next week girl. I cannot wait to hear about it!

Jen said...

That is AMAZING Beth!! So happy for you and proud of you!! Simply amazing. WoW!!!

Becky said...

Wowwie, that's amazing, and congrats for making it through and going on to the next class!!

Andrea said...

This is so awesome! You are rockin' it!!!

Dawnya said...

That my dear is a sweet victory!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! You kicked some major butt. You should have jumped around the class singing "they don't know who the F I is." LOL
It totally applies to this situation.

Keep it up. Your are such an inspiration. I'm so glad I know you.

Sam said...

That is a great self improvement. Congrats :o)

Leslie said...

You totally can do it!! I am so proud of you!!! :)

Laura Belle said...

Way to go sweety!! I knew you'd do fantastic!

And I can't wait to here about this morning's class!

Samantha said...

That's awesome! that's a huge improvement!