Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday

What a great mood I'm in today!! 

First and foremost, Master of Sex is a show on HBO about the making of the Masters and Johnson sex study starring Michael Sheen.  I promise you that it is pretty mainstream.  :-) 

Tonight is our monthly girls dinner, aka Interesting Dinner.  It is my month to choose (did you hear the groans) and I chose Cafe Istanbul which is a Turkish restaurant.  My friends wonder I why I can't just be normal and pick normal food.  I've been wanting to try this place for a while.  I loved the food when I was in Turkey and I think it will be delicious. 

But before that, I'm taking my team out for lunch on a patio because it is supposed to be 80 degrees today.  Woohoo!  Tomorrow is a different story, but we will enjoy it for today.  Seriously, it was around 55 degrees this morning.  I was sweating like a crazy person!

Since I'm going out to lunch and dinner, I HAD to go to CrossFit this morning which was good.

A.  10:00 - Every minute: Top :30 5 Toes to Bar, Bottom :30 5 Burpees.  First, this is practically what I did yesterday.  Burpees suck.  I can't touch my toes to the bar, so my scale was to lift my knees as high as I could.  I scaled the burpees to three. 

B.  10:00 AMRAP - 3 Power Clean & Jerk (75#) & 3 Box Jumps (12"), 6 PC&J, 6 Box Jumps, etc.  I made it through the round of 12 and then did 3 extra PC&J's.  I might have gone a little heavy with the 75#, but it was good work.

Today's Food Plan:
Breakfast:  coffee with cream. Pico & feta fritatta.  Babybel.
Lunch:  Cobb salad.
Snack:  Roast beef & laughing cow (or nuts.)
Dinner:  Something Turkish

One of our refrigerators at work bit the dust last night.  Everything inside is pretty much ruined.  I forgot to take home the leftovers that BFF made for me, so my Wednesday and Thursday night dinner is no mo.  It was crawfish casserole!  :-(  Anyway, I keep my leftovers in the other fridge, so they are fine.  I had my roast beef and laughing cow snacks in there though so hopefully they will live. It is probably a bad sign of their processed"ness" if they are, but whatevs.

I did something new yesterday!  I was eating my leftovers for lunch and I realized I was full so I threw away the rest of what was on my plate.  Gasp!!  Maybe there is hope for me and portion size.  But maybe it was just an anomaly.  We shall see.

BFF & I decided this morning that we are going to go to Chicago in June.  So that means, in five weekends we will be going to New Orleans, Chicago, DC & Louisiana (BFF's hometown). We are crazy.  But it will be fun! 



Sarah Kopf said...

Oh! Turkish food sounds AMAZING! I bet I could find SOMETHING pescatarian on that menu... Mmmm...


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Thank you for the definitions!! lol

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Thank you for the definitions!! lol

Vanessa said...

I want to hear about turkish food! Is it similar to Indian? I've never had it.

Cheri said...

You do more fun things!!! All the travel plans sound GREAT!