Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ten Things Thursday...ala Laura Belle

1.  I love meat.  Might as well get right to it.  I was able to abstain yesterday, but the carbfest at dinner (while tasty) did not satisfy long.  My stomach was growling as I left home this morning.  No bueno!!

2.  Last night I had decided on popcorn shrimp from Popeye's with green beans.  But before I left work for home, I just didn't trust myself to stop.  Something told me that I was teetering on the edge and I just needed to go home.  I had a very processed, carb-loaded meal of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with a side of rice.  Yeesh.  But I was under my calorie count for the day and I did not let it get me out of control.

3.  Speaking of calorie count...for those of you that track food, do you track to a certain calorie number everyday or do you aim for a deficit?  Meaning, everyday I try to stay at 1500 calories (or whatever) or I try to have a 500 calorie deficit for the day?  My goal is to have a 750 calorie deficit Monday-Friday and break even on the weekends.  I have been crap at it lately, but with my Lent commitment I'm hoping I will do better.

4.  CrossFit was awesome, as usual.  After the warm up (the 400m run part of the warm up wasn't even too awful today since it was actually above freezing!), we did some snatch pulls and pendlay rows (which are kind of like bent over rows with the barbell.)  I went up 10# on my snatch pulls and I stayed even with my Pendlay rows.  I did 85# on them and since we had to do 4 sets of 8, it was plenty.  In the last couple of reps each round, I would struggle.  But I got it done!

The WOD was 8:00 AMRAP: 10 kettlebell swings, 10 pistols.  I used a 35# kettlebell and I used a 16" box to assist with my pistols.  Pistols are one legged squats and I haven't mastered those, so I sit down and pop up (on one leg) on a box.  It is really good for the glutes.

5.  Has anyone made pork chops in the crockpot?  I think I might do that this weekend because I have some in the freezer I need to cook.  I have a recipe with cream of mushroom soup, mustard and some spices.  I'm sure it will be good.  What kinds of veggies do you throw in with meat in the crockpot beside carrots and potatoes?

6.  I'm ready for March Madness!  I do wish the Hoosiers were better. 

7.  I wish I weren't so messy.  How hard is it to keep things orderly?  Impossible, apparently.

8.  I have crazy dreams.  Last night I was so ticked off at BFF and threw a phone at her.  I almost laughed when I woke up.  I'm so NOT physical like that.  Later I dreamed about the Rangers.  I guess I'm ready for baseball season too.

9.  I feel good today.  The scale is still stubborn, but my body feels good.  I look forward to measuring this weekend.  I'm not expecting the inch and inch and a half losses, but it would be nice to see some movement somewhere!

10.  Day #2 of 46 has begun!  Today's food plan: same as Tuesday.
Breakfast:  coffee with cream, sausage (extra), fritatta (half)
Lunch:  pollo asada & roasted root vegetables
Snack:  apple
Dinner:  Chicken spaghetti

Special thanks to those who commented, emailed, or texted yesterday.  I didn't realize how many people I communicate with exclusively through Facebook.  <3



Jen said...

So ready for MArch Madness..
and thanks for mentioning Popeyes, now I want some!!

Sarah Kopf said...

All sounds good to me! I don't put pork chops in the slow cooker because they tend to overcook and fall apart... But if I make the exception, I watch them like a hawk and then throw in sauerkraut. :)


~Miss Lorie~ said...

I used top have such a specific plan for what I want to accomplish calorie wise... now I'm just floating. Problem? Yes.

Connie O said...

I haven't tried pork chops in the crockpot, but I bet they'll come out very tender. Let us know! I did recently cook a pork tenderloin in the pressure cooker, and it was awesome!

I am messy too and have never been able to control it on a long-term basis.

FitBy40 said...

You're definitely living in the right state for a meat lover!
Now I want popcorn shrimg. Thanks for that :-)

My non-dairy thing is going well. Must find time to blog about it!