Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well, that wasn't what I meant to do.

I have a headache this morning because I have a bit of a hangover.  We went to Ojeda's (delicious!) for Debi's birthday last night.  My intention was an appropriate amount (is there really one?) of chips and queso, tortilla soup and a skinny margarita.  Seems reasonable?  I ended up with the appropriate amount of chips and queso, veggie fajitas (not terrible), TWO skinny margaritas and one sopapilla. 

I definitely went over my calories for the day, but with my two workouts, I came very close to breaking even (within 150 calories.)  So, not something that is great on day #2 of a "reset", but it is reasonable for a celebration which is what it was.  I'm so fortunate to have found such a great friend in Debi and I was thrilled to celebrate her birthday!!

As I was passing out in bed (BFF was the DD!), I remembered I hadn't logged my sopapilla and decided I would remember to do it when I woke up.  I couldn't fall asleep until I did it.  Ha!  At least I'm developing that good habit. 

Today's Nutrition Plan:
Breakfast:  Latte, 1/2 chicken burger, boiled egg
Lunch:  enchilada casserole with dollop light sour cream
Snack:  Greek Yogurt
Dinner:  Hamburger patty with stir fry veggies

Today's Fitness Plan:
Lunch:  15:00 Treadmill (include at least 1 tabata, maybe 2), 25 Push ups, 50 Sit ups, 75 Air Squats

I'm going to go take an Advil now.  :-)



~Miss Lorie~ said...

not being able to sleep until you logged your food? That is a habit! Good work and good luck with the advil! :)

Sarah Kopf said...

Feel better, love!


Connie O said...

Drink lots of water too!

FitBy40 said...

Water and an orange, that's what I say!
Oh, to have a hang over feeling from actually drinking alcohol, I miss those days! Now I get that feeling because I've been up all night unable to sleep or because I ate like crap the day before.
Darn I'm old!

Vanessa said...

I'm the queen of one two many..... advil and water!