Monday, March 10, 2014

Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Good News

I had a great weekend!  Saturday I got my errands done in the morning and in the afternoon I volunteered with the fire department doing smoke detector checks.  Each truck took an area of town and we went door to door and check smoked detectors, changed batteries or installed new detectors.  It is amazing how many people don't have them.  My job was to document everything that was done.  That night BFF & I went to church and believe it or not, someone pulled the fire alarm during communion and my engine showed up.  I joked with the guys about following me to church.  How bizarre that would happen!

We got some Pho takeout and went back to my house to watch some TV.  We finished up this season of Masters of Sex and watched the first episode of True Detective.  HBO has some good stuff!  When BFF left, I watched the IU game and managed to finally fall asleep around 2am.  The time change always messes with my head. 

Sunday we went to see the play Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike.  It was really good!  I'm usually more of a musical girl, but this one was interesting and funny.  I didn't get up for CrossFit this morning because I didn't fall asleep until about 11pm, but I'm going to make every effort to get there tomorrow.  BFF needed a ride today anyway, so it worked out.

Now, for the news portion of the post:

Bad News.  The first bad news is that I'm up again on the scale for my 40 By 40 Challenge weigh in.  My weight goals seem to be floating off into the distance.  Even though I won't be able to make it to my goal, I would really like to get as close as possible.

Good News.  I measured and I lost 6 inches around my body.  Most notably, an inch from each thigh!  Plus another inch from my belly & hips.  So, as frustrated as I am with the scale, the real goal is to fit back into my size 12s and that is inching along (pun intended!)  I don't know how I can continue to shrink and not lose weight, but I will take it.

Good News.  I did it!  I logged every single thing that went into my mouth this weekend. 

Bad News.  It was unbelievable.  My crap eating has nothing to do with hunger.  I even made some better choices this weekend because I knew I needed to write things down, and I still went WAY over my calorie goals.  It is clear why the scale isn't moving.

Good News.  Now that I have admitted the problem to myself, I have the power to do something about it.  Baby steps.  I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle this yet, but I will.

I keep track of all my weight and measurement stats.  When I last had these stats, it was about 9 months after surgery...end of September 2010.  I decided to read my blog post from that day.  It is hard to deal with the fact that I backtracked on my weightloss journey.  But I can tell from reading that post that by that point, I was feeling truly different about myself.  (Not to mention that now I'm a CrossFitter and I could totally do a Biggest Loser workout!!)  As frustrated as I get, there is no question that my life has changed:
  • No more fast food.  I cook every week and eat in more than I eat out.  I eat vegetables on purpose!  And happily so. 
  • I work out like a beast!
  • I avoid processed food, sugars and artificial sweeteners on a regular basis.
  • Monday-Thursday, I live the healthiest life of anyone I know.
Now I just need to spread some of that weekday healthiness into my weekends.  I probably need to start blogging on the weekends.  Make myself have a nutrition plan instead of just trying to stay on task.

Today's Nutrition Plan:
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream.  Pico & Feta Fritatta.  Babybel.
Lunch:  Crockpot pork chops with fingerling potatoes.  I haven't tried this yet, so I hope it is good!
Snack:  Roast beef with a Laughing Cow.
Dinner:  BFF made a casserole and gave me leftovers. 

Today's Fitness Plan:
Lunch workout:  10:00 treadmill with one set of sprints.  15:00 OTM 3 Burpees and 3 Dumbbell Thrusters.  50 Sit ups.



♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I do not like blog headings that say bad news - they scare What the heck is Pho and what the heck is Masters of Sex...or don't I really want to know?? LOL

Sarah Kopf said...

Masters of....wha?!?! Do tell!

Pho. So good. Love it.

Inches off are a GOOD thing, honey! Rock it!

As for the scale: bastard. Definitely male. Definitely. ;)


FitBy40 said...

OK, now I have to google Masters of Sex! What the heck have I been missing?
Would you believe I make Pho and the kids love it, even with Tofu!
Great news on the inches lost. I'm not going anywhere near a tape measure for a while. I'm skeered!