Thursday, March 17, 2011


Welcome to my new, gorgeous, perfect-for-me blog page.  Awesome Jen designed it just for me.  :)  Thank you so much, chica!! 

This was my reward to myself for reaching my most recent mini goal.  I'm now officially the lightest I have been as an adult.  Even though it isn't time for update pictures yet, I felt like I needed to take one!  I don't love how my hair photographs, but I know I love it in person so I don't care! 
I love mini goals because when I meet a goal (any goal), I feel such a sense of accomplishment and it makes me want to do more.  I have a mini goal AT LEAST every 5 pounds.  Sometimes less.  :)  For instance, I only have 1.4 pounds to lose to get to my next mini goal!  My next BIG goal (high school graduation weight, 100 pounds lost) is now 11.4 pounds away.  I basically have 5 weeks to get it done.  Still a HUGE goal...but right now, I'm feeling like I can get it done.

When I started my 6 week Swing for the Fences Challenge, I was inspired by Debi.  She just got a new Body Bugg and we were talking about challenging ourselves to meet an aggressive goal.  I told her that I would report in my calorie deficit to her everyday and (wow!) has it made me comptetitive with myself!  I mentioned yesterday that Tuesday was one of my best "plan" days ever and I ended up with over a 1600 calorie deficit (after working out twice during the day.)  Yesterday turned out to be one of the best non-workout days ever!  I ended up with almost a 1200 calorie deficit.  On a day I didn't work out?  That is unheard of for me.  I'm proud of myself today and I'm so pumped and motivated to keep going.  :)

Thank you cheerleaders!  You are helping so much, I can't even tell you.  I get my blog comments sent to me via email and those emails throughout the day just give me that little push I need.  Don't eat that snack.  Go work out.  Take the stairs. Make a better choice.  It means SO much!

Oh...I do have a confession to make.  We went to Olive Garden for dinner last night to celebrate Debi's birthday.  I had the chicken spiedini...have you all tried that?  It is 460 calories, I added a bowl of Minestrone which is 100 calories and I ate half of each.  A wonderful, DELICIOUS dinner out for less than 300 calories!!  After my leftovers were bagged to go and the bill was paid, I realized that since I had only eaten 1/2 my meal, I had calories to spare.  I could TOTALLY afford the calories in the Andes mint they give you at the end of the meal.  I started savoring the flavor.  It was SO good!  Like my eyes started rolling in the back of my head good!  OOOhhhhh chocolate is SO awes-  Holy shi*t.  Chocolate?  I can't eat chocolate.  I made a promise that I wouldn't eat chocolate for Lent!  My eyes got wide and I looked at Debi and immediately put the rest of the mint (yes, I was eating it in multiple bites...) on my plate.  I sat there looking at it seems a shame to leave it there after I already ate some.  Debi immediately snatched the plate, moved it to her side of the table and covered it with a napkin.  And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons that I think she is the BOMB!  I guess it was bound to happen, but it was an accident and it was half of an Andes mint so I'm not counting it.  Oopsie!!

After dinner we went to see Tommy Tune.  What a GREAT show!!  I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it.  Anyway, we learned something very important.  Never let someone take your picture from below you.  We are both WAY HOTTER that this pic.  :)

What a WONDERFUL day!  Happy St. Pats!  Hope you are wearing green.

HUGS & High Fives!!  :)


Lyla said...

You look so cute in your t-shirt and vest!

Dawnya said...

You are looking good Beth Ann!!! I love the new blog..and I am now stalking Jen to do my blog. LOL

The mint so does not are still on target.

It is great that you are only 11.4 lbs away from your goal. I'm so excited for you.

Debi said...

Thanks :) And it is hilarious that you said I was the bomb. Because at work they call me hahahahaha!

I love your St. Patrick's Day shirt! You look fantastic!

Is this next mini goal of yours the one where I get to take you for a pedicure?!?!?! I reallllly need one bad and was thinking about going some time next week, so if it is then maybe we can go together.

Keep it up! We are going to get there :)

p.s. Love the new design ;) And now you know that I can keep a secret!

Ronnie said...

I am going to tell you a secret...

I had bacon the first day of Lent. (That was when I was counting pork as red meat, but have learnt that my friend wasn't counting it, so I said screw it. LOL)

We'll be alright.

AND, you look fuckin' fantastic. Yep, sorry. I just dropped the F-bomb on your blog. But look at your legs all not touching and that beautiful smile. I'm super jealous right now! :)

Jen from Oregon said...

Looking great!
Jealous of a fun night out... it has been a long while for me.
The mint so doesn't count!

Jen from Oregon said...

PS- Love the blog design too!

Mary H. said...

I love the Tshirt! Very cute! Lookin' good!

Stacey said...

Well, they don't call it Andes Chocolate, they call it Andes MINT. So, I think half of one is a good stopping place.

You are doing so awesome!

And I love the new blog! It's so peppy. :)

Sandy Lee said...

Saw your post on the Boobs forum and thought I'd follow along. We had a riot in Chicago last year so can't wait to meet some of the new ones. See you there.

Leslie said...

You look so good!!! I love you the new layout too. I really want a body bugg.

Drazil said...

OH my bestie is talented isn't she? LOVE this layout. Makes me want to change mine again! LOL

MLM said...

You look great!!

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

That is SO awesome! Good for you!

I am new to your blog and "catching up", but your body in the photos says it all! Fantastic! Good for you! I also have a 100 pound goal by next August; 50 by this August. :)


SUchipmunk said...

The blog looks great!!! And you are so awesome!!

Amanda said...

I just have a second. BUT MORNING!!!!!

I love your vest. I just bought one a couple of weeks back. I love it but I haven't worn it yet~ Going to this weekend!!!

Tori said...

I like!