Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cheerleader is going to whine a little if you don't mind...

Thank you all so much for your support the last several days.  The funeral was lovely and my friend is perhaps the strongest person I have ever met.  She has some tough times ahead, but I know she will be okay.  Again, thank you.  I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me.
**Abrupt Change**
After this roller coaster weekend, I end up sick.  I have a sinus infection.  Ugh.  I have antibiotics & medicine for the symptoms and I will be just fine this time tomorrow.  But right now, I was to say f*ck it to my challenge.  I want to lay around all day and eat bad crap. 

I enjoyed last weekend.  I didn't go hog wild with my food, but I ate quite a bit and I did drink a lot more that usual (which is none.)  I didn't feel guilty at all because that is one big reason I'm doing all I can enjoy myself and be comfortable with myself.  But yesterday, I didn't have that excuse.  I was just sad and feeling sorry for myself and I ate everything in sight.  I know in my heart it wasn't pigging out like the "old me."  But it certainly wasn't the new me either.  I'm ready to get back into my routine.

Today I want to be lazy and eat crap.  I hate being whiny.  I hate feeling like crap.  Ugh.

Okay, whinefest is over.
What is actually going to happen...  I'm not going out work out at lunch, but I will go to Jazzercise.  The best I have felt in the last 3 days (I've been feeling bad since Sunday) is when I worked out on Monday.  So, I think a little Jazzercise will do me some good. 

And I'm going to eat like I do normally.  It's not hard and I will be proud of myself for not wallowing like I want. 

As far as my 6-week Challenge, it is what it is.  I'm not changing goals or giving up.  I know I probably won't reach my goal, but it doesn't mean I can't get as absolutely close to it as possible.  I have 3 more weeks to show myself what I can do.  I know when I wake up tomorrow, I will feel better and I will be ready to roll.  Just gotta get there.  :)

Oh...and I'm mega behind on reading posts, but I plan to relax and catch up this weekend.  Hopefully you will hear from me soon. 



Sarah Kopf said...

You have the right to whine; being sick is NO fun! Feel better honey!

And I'm so sorry about your friend. Please send my heartfelt thoughts to her...

Talk soon & GET BETTER!


nikki said...

I am so behind and feel so bad that I haven't been around during this time. I'm so sorry! I am happy to read that the bloggers were able to provide you with kind words and support; that makes my heart happy.

As for this post, girl - I've whined so much the past several weeks. I'm sorry you've had a bum few days but it's ok because your head is on straight and you know how to dust yourself off and get right back in the game. I'm proud of you!!

Laura Belle said...

Whine all you want chica! I always figured that if you held in the whine that you'd end up being bitchy, and no one wants that. (Or that's what happens to me. ha)

Good plan for today though! At least you know what's going on and what you're doing. And how you're going to fix it.

And props for wanting to work out while sick! I hate to do anything but lay on the couch when i'm sick.

Janelle said...

We all gotta whine sometimes :) Hope you feel better soon.

Ronnie said...

I like whiny posts, makes my heart glad that I'm not the only one who doesn't eat on plan all the time or the only one who has bad days and feels crummy. We're human (and more importantly - WOMEN!), so we get to say what we feel! We love you, Beth! :)

Fluffy said...

Hang in there! Don't know if you have allergies or not, but the pollen numbers are outta control. I don't remember them being this high last year. Hopefully when the antibiotics kick in you will start feeling a lot better! And, don't beat yourself up over yesterday - it happens - you are getting back on it which is key (and a win).

Plus if you beat yourself up about it, I will be forced to hop in my car and come to your side of town and knock it outta ya! You have been warned. evil laugh: bwwaahahahaha. Joking, but also serious if you want/need to talk, give me a ring.

Kiwigirl said...

It's a tough time, and the combination of sadness and sickness are a great recipe for comfort eating. Don't be too hard on yourself. It sonds like you have plan to manage it. Hope you feel better soon.

tagyourit said...

I think it is good to whine when it is needed. I hope things start to look better!

Stacey said...

Hope you feel better soon!

A little whine always goes better with cheese!