Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Life, My Power

Happy Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras today means Ash Wednesday tomorrow and the beginning of Lent.  I have committed to giving up all chocolate and weekday evening sweet treats throughout Lent.  I typically have a little chocolate something after dinner each day, so it is definitely going to be something I notice.  For me, the point of whatever I decide to do for Lent should help me strengthen my relationship with God and be beneficial in my quest to achieve my life goals. 

Giving up chocolate sounds like such a trite thing.  But really, for me, it's not.  I eat chocolate everyday.  EVERY DAY!  Not a lot, but something.  At those times I normally eat chocolate...for 40 days, instead I will pray.  I know that isn't for everyone and I have no problem with that.  But my spiritual journey has gotten me to the most AWESOME place I am today and it is the right path for me.  I do not preach to others on what they should do, but I stand strong for what is right for me.  (I don't talk about God a lot, but it is kinda the theme of Lent. :))

Also, giving up chocolate (and not replacing it with high calorie other sweets) will help me in my weight loss goals.  I love chocolate, so I'm not going to give it up for good.  But I added up approximately what I think I spend in chocolate calories over 40 days, and I think if I give it up (and don't replace it with other things), I will lose an additional two pounds. 

Yesterday, I realized that my friend and I were planning to go to an event on Friday...a wine tasting at chocolatefest.  Seriously.  Obviously, I wasn't really thinking when I made those plans.  I LOVE wine, but post band, for some reason, I can't tolerate it.  Pair that with giving up chocolate, it doesn't really make much sense.  In the past, I would have modified my plans...meaning I would have said that I'm giving up chocolate for Lent except for Friday.  Ha!  But my friend and I agreed that my goals are important and we would cancel this time.

Honestly, I think a lot of this is me proving to myself that I DO have the power over myself to make the right choices and to be strong in my committments.  Starting tomorrow, we will see how it works out!

Now part of me wants to chow down on a King-sized candy bar today.  But I will settle for a small piece of King Cake instead.  :)



Fluffy said...

I'm with you sister! Giving up chocolate for 40 days is a big deal! I know you can do it though.

Sucks how you "can't" have something and then you really really want it huh????

I laughed when I read "Peeps are stupid" in the comment you left me. Thanks for that!

nikki said...

I'm southern baptist and we don't do lent but we have friends that do and I think it is a wonderful spiritual dicision. Good for you! :) I wish you much success as well as a stronger relationship with our awesome God! :)

nikki said...

Are you on Facebook? Send me a friends request if so: facebook.com/bryantgirl :)

Drazil said...

Thank God I read this blog - I have to seriously decide what I'm going to give up!