Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love people! :)

BLOG:  I would like to give a shout out to one of my besties, Debi at Losing Weight and Changing Habits.  She is the awesomest!  We met at the Ft. Worth True Results support group and decided that we were friends from Day 1!!  She is a brand new blogger, so give her some love.  :)

SOCIAL:  Last night, I met my sorority daughter for dinner.  She is such an amazing person!  Because I'm a crappy sorority mom/sister, I completely lost touch with her after college.  But Facebook came to the rescue and it turns out that she lives in the DFW metroplex like I do which is AMAZING because we went to INDIANA STATE!  What are the odds?  Anyway, this is the second time we met up since reconnecting. 

Shannon has had some weight issues as well and that girl conquered the crap out of them.  That's not to say she didn't have struggles, but she crushed right through them.  She is gorgeous AND inspiring!!  Anyway, this time I told her about my Band and she couldn't have been more supportive.  I gave her my blog link so she might come by for a visit.  (Hi Shannon!)  I just love connecting or reconnecting with wonderful people.  I'm so freaking blessed. 

FOOD:  I had a good food day again yesterday.  My Low Carb Slimfast shake was fine.  Not awesome, but definitely doable.  So I will be saving 150 calories everyday right there!  Lunch was a little high cal (leftover chili relleno) but I also worked out at lunch.  YAY!  (Turns out my walking pace is 4 mph which is my former running pace.  Woohoo!!)  Dinner at BJ's was chicken lettuce wraps which according to online information were under 300 calories.  They weren't super filling, but it worked.  Plus, they were delish!

Poll:  what are some of your favorite low cal dining out options?  Since I can't eat a lot, it usually isn't a huge problem.  However, right now I'm really focusing on that target calorie defecit and I'm looking for low cal, yet tasty options while dining out. 

Some of my faves:
  • Chilis - 1/2 rack ribs (dry rub) and black beans.  (580 calories - and I typically eat 1/2 and take home 1/2 for another meal.)  I'm getting so much better with leftovers!
  • Chilis - Guiltless Grill Salmon & black beans (353 calories - I'm not as good with taking any of this home.)
  • Olive Garden - Grilled chicken Spiedini & Minestrone (660 calories - this one is good leftover as well!)
What are your favorite tasty, but healthy restaurant options?  Please let me know because I'm ALWAYS looking!!

BODY/SELF-IMAGE:  Okay, okay, I'm working on bettering my self image.  :)  It's funny because I have a TON of confidence for what is on the inside.  I just have to start matching it with what is on the outside.  Baby steps!!  I'm thisclose to Onederland.  If I can stick with my food focus and meet my fitness goals, there is no reason I shouldn't reach this goal shortly.  My goal is to meet it by Saturday, but I'm betting no later than Monday for sure! 

Plus, today I'm wearing size 14 Ralph Lauren jeans.  They were a splurge for me when Macy's was having a sale a while back and they finally fit.  It will be nice to leave my 16s completely behind (have never done that as an adult!) and move toward 12s (again...never happened.)  With y'all behind me, I know I can do it!!



Stacey said...

Definitely not healthy, but I used to live in the DFW area and I sure miss El Fenix's chili con queso. We have tried to re-create it, but it's never the same. Anytime anyone flies back to visit, they have to bring a pint back. Not the jarred stuff. The real stuff that you get hot. Yum.

Thanks for you comments on my blog! I am definitely trying to make myself see the changes. :)

Drazil said...

You can soooo do it! I love this positive post!

trisha said...

Hi Beth Ann! Thanks for the comment! I am excited to follow your blog!! :) I emailed True Results in Hurst to see about my fills - fingers crossed!! Thanks for the tip!