Monday, March 21, 2011

Things that are making me happy today. :)

  • Today is weekly weigh in day.  My weekly goal for my Swing for the Fences 6 week Challenge is 2.17 pounds.  I lost 2.2 pounds!  So right on the money. 
  • I wore a size 12 pair of jeans all weekend.  I don't think I will get tired of saying that anytime soon.  I think that I wore my 16s so long, "trying to get the good out of them", that I almost bypassed my 14s!  I'm wearing a pair of 14s today and they fit fine.  Probably slightly big in the hip/waist area, but they are fine.  The 16s will be retired this week. 
  • This week I officially hit the smallest point in my adulthood.  That is great for the obvious reason.  But what makes it even better is that I'm nowhere near a stopping point.  Usually by now (well before now actually), I would be thinking about "quitting".  But now, there is nothing to quit.  This is just my life and that is a GREAT feeling.
  • I shopped in regular stores this weekend.  I bought a size M top at Express and a size L cardigan at Anthropologie.  I have never shopped in stores like that and I have Fluffy to thank for that one!! 
  • I am really enjoying my haircut.  I'm not sure it is "me" forever, but it is great for me right now.  Plus, I think it has really allowed me to look at myself a little more objectively.  I think finally over the last week and weekend, I have been able to see what I have done.  I finally FEEL SMALLER.  I have a long way to go, but it is nice to really FEEL like I have gotten somewhere.  I think part of that was the total difference in my appearance due to my hair.  I will take some pictures this weekend, but here is an idea of the new shorter cut.  I think it is hard to get a total idea of the character of short hair in pictures, but you get the idea. 
  • I have nothing planned this week until I leave for Indianapolis on Friday.  That will allow me to work out to maximum capacity and get some things done before I go.  I need to do as well as I can M-Th, because Friday and Saturday, I feel a little debauchery coming on.  :)
  • I feel good. 
Hope you have things to be happy for today as well.  :)



Dawnya said...

I love the hair!!! Have fun in Indy. If you happen to run into any Indianapolis Colts...tell them to get their crap together for next season. LOL

Jen said...

12's! I would be shouting that from the rooftops. Congratulations! The hair is so cute. Very Audrey Hepburn pixi'ish. You are rocking it!

~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Congrats on the loss, I am sure you look and feel wonderful! Love the hair!

Sarah Kopf said...

Beth Ann, you look awesome! And I just love that pixie cut! (It has nothing to do with the fact that I also had a pixie cut---until recently. :) I couldn't be AT ALL biased...)

Great work! Rock those 12's!


tagyourit said...

Enjoy the 12s while you can because you are still moving down!

Tori said...

LOVING your haircut! 12...WOOOOOO!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

I love your haircut! You look so sassy! And you're in the 12's?? That's fantastic!!! What an accomplishment! Your new hair really showcases your gorgeous eyes! You're one hot chickie!

Band Groupie said...

Love the hairdo! Awesome WL also GF...and 'size 12's', well, there's nothing better...unless it's being 'the smallest you've been as an adult'...great NSV's!!!

Ronnie said...

I'm sooo glad Fluffy got you out of your comfort zone and took you to some new stores. (I need to do that, too!)

Yay for rocking the 12's! :)

Liz said...

Your hair is so sassy and cute!

Stacey said...

I love the hair, I am so non-committal on hair that mine is down below my shoulders and I just cannot decide what I want with it. I know I am tired of headbands though!