Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Back, Baby!!

Lordy, I had no idea how bad I felt yesterday until I woke up this morning.  Antibiotics and steroids are good, good things.  :)  I laugh that I thought I would go to Jazzercise yesterday.  I didn't even make it to 2pm at work.  I went home, took a two hour nap and was still in bed by 8:30!!  But the good news is that I feel great today.  So YAY!!

More good news:  today is the last day of the month and time to update the ticker!  I'm down another 8.4 pounds this month which is super great for me.  Ignoring my 6 week Challenge for the moment, I reached my mini-goal of being 90 pounds down by April 1st!!  Now, I know that some of today's weightloss is probably dehydration from being sick, but I only needed to lose 2 tenths and I lost I'm counting it!  :)  My next non-challenge mini-goal is to be down 95 pounds by 5/01.  I KNOW I will make that now.  I KNOW IT!  I will measure tonight and see if I have any good news there.

Bad news:  I'm still really behind on my Swing for the Fences Challenge I made for myself.  I will have to lose 3 pounds a week going forward to do it which is above anything I have done in a long while.  But I'm going to try!!  Also bad, I haven't had ANY time to catch up on blogs.  :(  But Friday night, my plan is to go home and read, read, read!  I know you all will forgive me for being a little late with my comments.

Today's get back on track exercise plan consists of a 2 mile walk at lunch and Jazzercise tonight.  I got up to do yoga this morning and then decided two workouts the day after being sick is plenty.  Yoga will make a comeback tomorrow. 

I need some prodding.  My goal for the year is to attend 150 Jazzercise classes (at least) which means an average of 3 per week.  I am going tonight and Saturday morning which is only two classes.  Soooo...I should make myself go tomorrow.  I think I can do that, but I also have only run once this week and I am supposed to run at least twice.  I should run at lunch and go to Jazzercise after work.  We will see if that happens. 

Have a great day, y'all!  It is so nice to be among the living again.  :)



Justawallflower said...

So glad u r finally feeling better! And good work on the mini goal!

Amanda said...

I love the march Pic!!

So glad you are feeling better! You sound like yourself too!

I am proud of you 8.4 lbs. That is simply fantastic.

My yoga class on tuesday was a killer. I am still so sore but I loved it. Howeve make sure you bring tissue with you as my nose did nothing but run with all the movements!

Drazil said...

Good God - you're taking names and kicking ass. I can barely read your blog though...cuz I'm too busy sitting and staring at how cute your freaking blog layout is. LOVE it. My BFF Jenny rocks!!!

Sarah Kopf said...

Congratulations Beth Ann! That is awesome! You are such a stud! (Of the non masculine variety, of course...)

Glad to hear you're feeling better! I hope to be on track to feeling better very soon also. :)


Ronnie said...

So glad you're feeling better, sweetie.

8 lbs in a month when you're already a bean pole?! You're rocking your workouts and eating right. Super jealous! :)

I know you can get all 150 jazzercises in, I wish I could go with you, it sounds like a blast!!