Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BOOBs - Jazzercise Chi-Town

Have you ever wanted to go to Jazzercise but haven't had the opportunity? Would you rather try it with some fellow BOOBs? Here is your chance!

Whether it is your first time or you just want to get your sweat on with some friends, you should join us on Saturday morning for a fun workout that can be scaled to any level of fitness. If we sign up more than 10 people, the instructor will give us a $3/person discount!

Jazzercise Class - $15
Seward Park-375 W. Elm St.
Saturday, October 1st
9:15 AM

We will meet in the hotel lobby at a time to be specified closer to the date. It is a short cab ride (less than 2 miles) and assuming 3-4 people per cab, the cost should be around $3 per person including tip.

What a great way to start the day!  I hope to see you there!!

Beth Ann
Please contact Beth Ann at neverendingquest@hotmail.com with any questions or to RSVP for this fun event!


Ronnie said...

You know I'm in!

Dawnya said...

Yippie...I am so in. Even though it means I will have to wake up. This is a perfect opportunity for me to give Jazzercise a try.

Amanda said...

I am doing it. Count me in!!

Stacey said...

Yep, I'm in too!

Stephanie M. said...

As much as I want to try it, I don't think I can commit to being up and out so early. Next time!