Friday, July 8, 2011

Tales from CrossFit

I want to take a short break from my regular posting to offer my prayers to the family of Shannon Stone.  You all have probably read about the man who died at the Ballpark last night while trying to catch a foul ball.  The story is so unbelievably sad and I specifically pray for his son who witnessed the fatal fall.  My heart also goes out to Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers baseball team.  While the largest loss is to Shannon's family, I would imagine that Josh Hamilton's life will never be the same.  Each and every foul ball he comes in contact with he will no doubt run this scene through his head. 

Hopefully this will remind people that accidents can happen at any time and you should always play safely.  Nothing...and certainly not a worth your life.  Be careful.

So I went to my 2nd CrossFit Fundamental class yesterday.  I'm not nearly as sore today as I was yesterday.  This time we "warmed up" with a 400m run which apparently is going to be a thing.  Super.  Then we learned about the proper form for dead lifts, shoulder presses and push presses.  She noticed that we were really tight in the shoulders (duh!  My whole body was aching!) so she showed us some spectacular stretches that really made a huge difference.

You wouldn't think that learning form would be a good workout, but my heartrate got up several times and I was sweating like crazy.  After she felt we had the right form on everything, it was time for the Workout of the Day.  Sometimes the WOD is for time (how fast you can do it), for a duration (you do it for a specified time period), or for completion (I think this is more for beginners and it is just do it until you finish, but they aren't timing you.)

This WOD was for completion.  We had 4 sets of 20 deadlifts with a medicine ball followed by a 400m run.  So, let me clarify...we would do 20 deadlifts and then run 400m, then do 20 more deadlifts and then run 400m, then...  We ran a mile total just in the WOD.  And did I mention that all running is outside?  And need I remind you that I live in Texas and it is 100 degrees when I'm doing this?  Super duper pooper scooper.

I was the last one finished BY FAR.  Even Puker was back and he beat me (although I did see him cutting his last 400m short).  But I FINISHED and I did absolutely every deadlift prescribed and I kept my running form for every single meter.  I'm slow, but I did it!  By the last one, I really had to push it and I just kept pushing.  That is what I LOVE about this class.

I feel much less sore today.  Between the stretches and less strength training, I think I'm going to be less sore all day.  I guess I will know more after lunch.  :)  My next class is tomorrow morning at 8am.  I think we are going to be lifting weights so that should be interesting.  I still have bruises on my knees from the pushups on Tuesday, so I'm hoping those will heal before we have to do more.  Just motivation to get strong enough to do them military style and not on my knees!

Sidenote:  while writing this, I was summoned to the President's office.  He wanted to know how my CrossFit class went.  Ha!  I like having the extra pressure. 

I know you all will get sick of hearing about CrossFit and I apologize in advance.  :)



Dawnya said...

You are kicking butt in that class. I'm so proud of you. You FINISHED!!! That is a huge thing...especially when doing something out of your element. Keep up the good work.

Ronnie said...

No way we could get sick of hearing about CF, especially with fun characters like Puker!

And that was SO sad last night, I couldn't believe it. That poor man. I would be surprised if that sweet little boy ever wants to go to another game. :(

Leslie said...

You are such a brave lady. Just reading about your class gives me a panic attack. You are so strong!! I'm impressed.

Stacey said...

You are doing such a great job. Keep it up! I am so happy you are having fun doing it too! :)

Lap Band Gal said...

way to go with that crossfit! :) You are my exercise hero!

Amanda said...

Good Lord you are awesome! You are so brave for even attempting this and to actually continue going!

I am mega proud. I am going to read what happened at the game. I haven't heard what happened but it sounds awful. Prayers for sure.

Cat said...

Beth Ann! You are a crossfit BEAST! I'm so very proud of you for getting all your proper form and finishing. You are my inspiration!

Andrea said...

I was so sad to hear about the fan at the Ranger's game! I'm glad you posted about this! I wore my Ranger's cap in my video today and meant to mention this, but totally forgot. My prayers are with the family!

Great job on the crossfit!

FitBy40 said...

I keep watching to see if my gym will be offering this class! You've got me hooked and wanting to try it!
So sad about that guy and his son. Such a tragedy.