Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Hump Day!


Last night was CF Fundamental Class #4.  I have to say that I was ready for class.  I think I'm in the honeymoon phase where I still look forward to going to class, but I expect a time will come when I "don't wanna".  I'm trying to take full advantage of this time. 

So, a new girl started in my Fundamental class the other day (I will call her Lately).  Her mom is in cf and loves it, so she started.  Her mom came in and we all bonded about what slow runners we are. 

It is time to warm up.  Everybody...800m run.  Ugh.  It is 102 degrees outside and I'm going to run a 1/2 mile.  Okay.  Lately & I start running together but I realized that I was actually quicker than her.  In all fairness, I don't think she has worked out much at all prior to this, but I'm not going to lie, it was nice to come in ahead of SOMEBODY. 

After some more warm up, we started our Fundamental training.  We started with reviewing dead lifts which is basically just squatting and picking up a barbell up to your thighs arms extended.  One of the other girls (not Army or Lately....we'll call her Legs because she has ones to DIE for) and I partnered up last time, so we were together this time.  We added another 10 pounds to what we did Saturday.  Not bad, I don't think.  We are at 65 pounds now and I think our goal is 90 pounds.

After that, we learned lunge walking.  You take a big step and bring the opposite knee to the floor, come up and take another big step doing it the opposite way.  You do that across the floor.  I need to learn the art of getting your knee close to the floor without actually touching the floor because I knocked my knee pretty good a couple of times and I have a bruise today.  Love it!

Then we went to the pull up bar.  Saturday I learned that I have a lot of upper body strength, but I also still weigh in spitting distance of 2 bills.  A pull up might be in my future, but I know that I have A LOT of work to do.  I will have to approach it from both ends...losing weight and developing strength.  It is my new goal though.  1 dead hang pull up.  I couldn't even possibly predict how long that will take.

We practiced shoulder swings.  You hang from the bar and swing back and forth with your legs and arms swinging opposite of your head.  I had the rhythm pretty good, but I couldn't get in more than five swings before my arms had enough.  Then we did jumping pull ups, which is really more about your legs.  You stand on a box at the pull up bar with your arms able to reach about 8 inches above the bar.  You squat holding onto the bar with your arms extended and jump in a pull up position, then land back in the squat. 

Bach (the trainer) did some examples for us and I'm telling you, that girl has a body to die for.  She is my new hero.  Dang!  Her husband, the other trainer, also a body to die for.  They are muscular without looking it, if you know what I mean.  They are quite inspiring. 

Time for WOD (workout of the day):  3 sets of 200m run, 30m lunging walk, & 10-15 jumping pull ups.  I'm proud to say that even though I finished last (except for Lately who pulled something running) I did 15 jumping pull ups each set.  Pukey said that he only did 5 jumping pull ups at least one set.  So, even though he keeps beating me, I feel like I push myself more.  I finished my WOD in 8:14.

Healthier Eating

You all know I got a grill on the weekend.  This is one part of my commitment to healthier eating.  Debi has inspired me once again to try harder.  Why I can push myself physically in a work out, but I cannot stand strong in front of chocolate, continues to baffle me.  Anyway, after going to Group Monday night, I challenged myself to do better.  No big promises, no crazy limits...just do better.  Last week, my step toward a better me was joining CrossFit, this week, it is eating better dinners.  I seriously have chips & queso for dinner about 3 weeks in a row.  That must come to an end!

Yesterday, I went to lunch with our insurance broker.  We went to the Ranch which has DELICIOUS bad-for-you choices.  I was STARVING.  I wanted to get fried catfish or meatloaf SO BAD.  But I chose to get a cup of tortilla soup and the salmon.  Now, I will say that the salmon was so freaking tasty that it had to have been cooked in butter, but I ate less than half of the serving, so I still feel pretty good about the choice. 

I had Greek yogurt for my snack and it didn't feel like enough, so I had a granola bar.  After CF, I went home and heated up an extra chicken cutlet I had grilled on Sunday.  I ate that with my leftover watermelon salad and vinegar cucumbers.  And here is the best part...for dessert, I had sugar free vanilla pudding with no sugar added peaches.  YUM!  Today I will have my leftover salmon for lunch.  Dinner will be the key though because I'm supposed to grill a cod fillet that I have waiting for me in the fridge.  I am usually to lazy to cook dinner after I get home from working out (tonight is Jazzercise!) so I'm going to have to focus myself.  :)


Today, I am wearing a dress that I wore in a photo a long time ago.  I was the smallest I had ever been as an adult in that photo.  I always felt confident about how I looked in that photo and was eager to fit back into that "cutest dress ever!"  Now that I'm below that weight, the dress fits perfectly and I decided to wear it today.  I realized when I put it on, that while it is an adorable dress, it certainly isn't the cutest one ever.  It isn't even the cutest one in my closet.  I realize that it wasn't the dress that made me more confident at that time, it was the smaller me. 

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I'm all about setting goals.  Sometimes I meet them, sometimes I don't, but it was my way of motivating myself.  Lately, I have been lacking so much of that motivation.  I feel like CrossFit has lifted that a little and I want to take advantage.  This time no goals, except for two:
  1. Work hard during workouts.
  2. Eat better. 
Today, I had lost the water weight (?) I had gained after starting at CrossFit and am at the 90 pound lost mark again.  Time to march toward that century mark!!



Dawnya said...

You are doing so great Beth. You are an inspiration. You are going to bypass that century mark.

Liz said...

You are going to get to 100!!!

Great job on CrossFit, I find it pretty intimidating.

Cat said...

You are SO my hero Beth Ann. I am so inspired by your CF workouts. Your century mark is just around the corner dear! Your dedication to getting the most of your workout is inspirational. Like you said, Puker may be doing it, but you're getting more out of it!

Stacey said...

You are doing an amazing job. Congrats on the 90!

Leslie said...

You can totally do this, it's nice to read these posts today because I am struggling hardcore today.

Laura Belle said...

I so think you are the most badass chica out there for doing CF. Your workouts sound so hard and you have such a great attitude about it!!

And I'm so proud of you for your healthy eating choices!!!

you'll hit that century mark in no time!!

Shannon said...

wow awesome job!

FitBy40 said...

So proud of you! You rock. I want to be your new work out buddy, but I'm not moving to Texas!

Ronnie said...

Sorry I'm so behind on commenting, but I've read 'em all - swear! Sounds like you're doing great - stay ahead of Lately and that'll probably be a huge confidence booster every time. hehe

Debi said...

You are doing great! I am proud of you :) And I can't believe that after my (almost tearful) confession of my slip ups at Monday's group that I inspired YOU?! How does that happen?! YOU are the one that inspires ME! Why do you think I even had the courage to attempt to run on the treadmill?!?!?!?!? I love you BBF!!!!!