Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

I weigh 2.6 pounds less today than I did yesterday.  That is stupid.  I will be weighing on Sunday and then handing my scale over to Lizard for the month of August.  The thought kind of makes me want to puke but the first sentence makes me realized that it just doesn't matter and I have to get it out of my head. 

I have been very hungry in the afternoons lately.  I decided to start keeping a hunger journal to see what is going on.  I think I might be "saving" too many calories for the end of the day.  But after working out, I don't really need them.  The real problem is that I still use them.  I'm not sure and I thought if I start taking notes, I might be able to work it out.

I don't know what goji is (except it keeps making me thing of Big Love...) but it is tasty in my yogurt.

I'm ridiculously excited about Chi-Town Jazzercise!  We all know I'm a big nerd.  :)  But I just think Jazzercising with all of you fun peeps will be so great!!

Speaking of Jazzercise, last night's class was great!  We have some new routines which are the ones we did when I was at the taping in Vegas.  A lot of booty shakin!  Plus (also speaking of my nerdhood), our owner fixed the stereo cabinet that has been kind of broken lately and now it pushes like a dream.  It is the little things, people!  I thought I was going to crush myself with that thing last week.  Plus they painted it, so it is pretty too.  :)

If it is going to be 104 outside today, why am I sitting in my office in a fleece jacket and still freezing?  I do think that running outside at CrossFit has REALLY made me more tolerant of hotter temperatures, but in turn, less tolerant of cold ones. 

Speaking of CrossFit, our group will be making up our own Workout of the Day today.  Bach said that it is usually the hardest workout of the entire month long class because people want to include so much.  I will do whatever these folks throw at me!  Hopefully we can focus on 100m & 200m runs instead of 400m & 800m runs, but whatever. 

I'm going to do some walking at lunch.  Nothing strenuous, but I would like to get in some extra steps.  My weekend numbers were HIDEOUS!  And Friday I have lunch AND dinner plans, so I would like to offset that early. 

I'm going to the Maroon 5/Train concert in September.  YAY!!  Three of my most favorite people: Lizard, Debi, & BFF are going with me.  I'm not usually a super big concert girl, but I figure if I am going to marry Adam Levine, I should probably head out to the concert.  Right, Dawnya?  :)

Okay cheerleaders.  I need some encouragement on two things:
  1. I realize it is only Tuesday, but I want to be better this weekend.  My proven record is to kick ass during the week and then mess it all up over the weekend.  This weekend will be different.  I'm thinking of a reward program for myself...such and such calorie activity over a certain number of weekends and I will get my reward.  The reward in my head is a biggee, so it will need to be a significant challenge.  While I noodle on that...the important thing is the one step of getting through this weekend.
  2. Next week is my first official week of CrossFit.  I would like to start with the 6am class on Monday morning.  I'm not saying that I'm going to be a morning workout person.  I'm not committing to 6am classes at any other time.  I just want to try it this one time to see how it works out.  But it is REALLY freaking early.  I woke up this morning around the time I would have to get up on Monday and my first thought was, "oh, hell no." 
  3. So first step - get through the weekend without sabotaging my weekday efforts.  Step two - go to Monday morning 6am CrossFit.  I will work beyond that when I get there.  :)
Commence good vibes!!

I realize this post was all over the place.  Hope I didn't make you too dizzy.  :) 



Dawnya said...

Don't forget our agreement...if you are going to marry Adam Levine...as your friend I need to "test drive" him for you...to make sure he is in working order.

6 am workout. Woman you are crazy...but if anybody can do it...its you. I will break out the pom poms and make up a cheer!

Dawnya said...

BTW...your song was on in the car today...and I kept saying...they don't know who the F I is. LOL

Laura Belle said...

Hey, remember when you were getting up super early to work out....at least I think it was you....a few months ago. And i kept saying I would get up, but never did, BUT you did! So you can do it!!!

And I think a rewarding system is good, but it shouldn't be food. I've come to the realization that food rewards are just sabotaging everything I'm working for. So i'm rewarding myself with a new dress if I can eat right all week and get in at least 5 workouts. (Then next week is the same thing, because I want two dresses!!)

Liz said...

I am going to see Train/Maroon 5 a few times this month! A friend of mine is on the tour so it should be a good time :) Have a blast...I'll let Adam know you're on your way, heehee.

Andrea said...

I'm really bad about saving my calories and then using them at the end of the day. I need to get better about spreading them out.

Yum...Adam Levine!

Amanda said...

I love doing a very early work out! I just feel great for the rest of the day!

I am excited about jazzercise as well! I've never done it so you stand in front of us!

Can I come to your wedding! I love music types! Heck I married one!

Leslie said...

I bet you like the early morning workout and then it is DONE for the day.

I love your random posts because random thoughts is just how my brain works.

I do that with calories too, I like to eat at night so much more than I do during the day. It's my comfort eating time.

I'm very interested to see what your reward is!

Stacey said...

If I was there, I would totally go with you to the concert.

Hey, you can do jazzercise at the wedding! That would be a great way to work off the cake and get warmed up for a much more intense work out. ;)

Cat said...

I would totally love to go to the Maroon 5/Train concert. They are coming here, or...maybe they just were here. I cannot remember. I don't have people to go to concerts with though as Hubby hates crowds and stuff.

I know you can do the 6am workout. Seriously - it will be tough the first few times, but just roll in half asleep and wake up during the warm up! I know I couldn't dream of doing my workouts in the evenings now that I'm used to doing them in the AM.

FitBy40 said...

Think of me at the gym at 5:15am. 4 times a week, it can be done! Then think about how you've gotten it out of the way and you're done for the rest of the day. THEN, think about how smokin hot you're going to look for your new hubby Adam (man, he's hot!).

Ronnie said...

I wish I was 2.6 lbs down this morning. *grumble* lol

I'm super excited about Jazzercise at BOOBs, I've never done it before (or even watched it really) so I'm sure I'll look like a fool - but getting out of my comfort zone is just what I think some of us need. :)

Hope the CrossFit went well last night!!

Becky said...

I'm excited about Jazzercize too! I'm so glad that someone thought of doing something healthy that weekend.

You know, we need some kind of challenge or bet or something for who attends the whole weekend of BOOBs and loses the most weight!

Maroon5 and Train!!! I want to go too! Take pictures and share them pretty please. :)