Thursday, July 7, 2011

What does half-assed Jazzercising look like?

Well, if you were standing behind me last night, you would know.  I did some good low impact moves, but it was definitely not my best showing.  In all fairness, I could barely feel my legs at times.  Holy cow, I'm sore.

I had a moment last night.  I was in my car in the parking lot at my apartment willing myself to get out and go in.  But I hurt all over and I just sat there.  I even started to cry a little thinking, why in the hell am I doing this??  Then I read some sweet, sweet comments from you all about my blog yesterday.  The one that really got me was from FitBy40 and I realized in that moment EXACTLY why I was doing this.  I just started bawling.  Alone.  In my car.  Thank goodness my neighbors didn't walk by. 

It was a good reminder of my goals.  Yesterday's post shows that I have come SO far.  And I love that and I'm proud of myself.  But I want more and just saying that over and over is not going to get anything done.  The funny thing is that during class, I LOVE IT!  It is just the in between that hurts.  :)  But I have been assured that this will not last forever.  I have 11 more classes in my current committment and I look forward to the challenge!

I was slightly annoyed this morning that I have gained 3 pounds since starting this little adventure.  [Note: at the time I actually could hear Fluffy saying, "GET OFF THE SCALE ALREADY!"]  I'm ignoring the weight gain knowing it is all part of the process.  My body will adjust eventually.

I just need to get through tonight, then I have a whole day off from exercise.  Then one Saturday morning workout and I'm done for the weekend.  I can do that! 

On Saturday, we are celebrating BFF's & Pepper's birthdays.  [Sometimes I just like to see if I can make up nicknames for all my friends then try to keep them straight...]  Anyway, a few of us are going to a nearby casino Saturday afternoon and staying the night.  It will be loads of fun, but it will be nice when I finally have a full weekend at home.  :)  I can sleep when I'm dead, right?



Darlin1 said...


Amanda said...

you have come so bloody far!! Moments of weakness are fair enough but you will never fail.

Get off the scale. Remind me of that later on too! Ha

Fluffy said...

HA! At least you are ignoring the gain that is showing up on the scale. ;) I'm sure your muscles are sucking in water, so not surprised. You know what I'll say next: keep on keeping on - you are doing AWESOME! For the soreness, hot bath and some aspirin or ibuprofen will may help (I use BC powder - band or no band - I am not a pill girl and then I don't stress that the pill is sitting on top of my band disolving). And yep - YOU CAN DO IT! Rock it girl!

FitBy40 said...

wow, I have to go back now and see what I wrote! I love that I was inspirational without even knowing it!
You are doing fantastic. You're doing things now that most of our 'skinny' friends wouldn't even be able to do!
Keep it up, it only gets better.

Cat said...

HAHA I had to go back and see what FitBy40 said too!! And I have to agree with her today too, you are in such amazing shape right now and the pain will pass.

~Lisa~ said...

Pain will pass.. Being healthy and fit is what counts! You are absolutely AMAZING - keep up the good work!