Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Update

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I'm a day behind, but I will get to that shortly.

Friday after work, I managed to get myself to the store to buy BFF's birthday gift AND do grocery shopping.  GO ME!  The rest of the day was pretty much worthless...aka enjoyably spent doing nothing in front of the TV. 

Saturday morning, I woke up and looked at the clock...7:29.  My CrossFit class is at 8am a few towns away.  Apparently I set my alarm for 8am instead of 7am.  Crap!  I Flight of the Bumblebee around my apartment getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. and get myself on the road.  I actually get there at the perfect time! 

Then the most awesome thing of the weekend happened...Bach says that we aren't running today.  (Did you hear the angels sing??)  Instead we learn proper rowing form.  We also learned how to sumo lift (or something like that) and how to do thrusters.  Sounds more fun than it actually is.  :)  Army girl was having such troubles that they had to get her a lighter bar.  It felt good to be solidly in the pack instead of last, for once.  I guess I have a strong upper body.  Who knew?

After CF, I met Lizard at Home Depot to buy a grill.  She helped me get it home and then it was time to head to the casino!  Pepper and BFF both have birthday's around this time, so they decided to celebrate together.  Lizard drove and Pepper, Cookie & I drove up with her.  We met ShareBear on the road and BFF rode with her.  Once we checked in to the hotel, we headed to the pool.  It was only 105 degrees or so.  Yeesh!

After some pool time, Pepper, Cookie, BFF & I headed to Bingo.  We only got in a few games, but man...competition Bingo is stressful!  Those people mean business!!  We met some lovely ladies at Bingo.  There were four of the them and they never called each other by name, just called each other "Sister".  It was especially confusing when one of them was talking to another and was saying, "Sister...sister is trying to talk to you."  I decided they were nuns out on a gambling excursion.  :)

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  There was a fairly nice steakhouse in the casino.  Pepper has some crazy bad food allergies and she spoke with the chef before hand to make sure she could get something.  They were so great to prepare her a delicious meal that she could enjoy.  I love that!! 

Lizard, Pepper, ShareBear, me, BFF, Cookie
After dinner we gambled for a while...some more than others.  I lost about $60 rather quickly and called it quits.  Cookie went back to the room early.  She is a mom of two and sitting the room with her book was just the escape she needed!  ShareBear headed home since she didn't stay the night.  Lizard, Pepper & I sat out by the pool and listened to a DJ play music.  BFF was still rocking the slots!

By midnight, we were all ready to turn in.  That is until Pepper found a tenner that was burning a hole in her pocket.  She and BFF headed back out to the slots and ended up winning quite a bit! 

The next morning, we met for breakfast and then headed out.  We stopped at a small town church nearby and had mass before heading home.  All in all it was a wonderful quickie girls trip!

Sunday, after getting home and doing some chores, I fired up the new grill.  I made watermelon salad and vinegar cucumbers earlier.  I marinated the chicken thighs in some sesame ginger sauce and grilled them.  I still need to work at it to get better at cooking on the grill, but they were delicious and it is a start!  I picked up some fish filets as well, so I'm hoping to make those tomorrow night.

I woke up at midnight Sunday night sick as a dog.  My first thought was that I had poisoned myself and BFF.  I almost texted her to see if she was sick too.  I have an iron stomach, but holy cow, it was going nuts.  There has been a little stomach bug going around (BFF had it after Vegas) and I'm wondering if that's what it was.  Because BFF said she was fine the next day.  I got back to sleep around 4am and when my alarm went off around 6am, I knew it was a no go.

I didn't get out of bed until NOON, which is just crazy for me.  Once I got up, I didn't move from my chair much at all.  I did end up going to my Support Group at the end of the evening, which quite honestly, I really needed.  I had missed the June meeting because I was at my boss's lakehouse.  While that was worth it, I really needed the inspiration from my peeps!

I was going to get some ice cream after the meeting, but I was inspired to do something lower calorie instead.  YAY!  Additionally, when I got home, I ordered a new BodyBugg.  I don't know where Jillian is, but I have accepted that I need that extra motivation that my BodyBugg gives me, so I have to deal with the fact she is gone and replace her.  I'm sure that now I have ordered a new one, she will turn up.  :)

Now that my trips are over, it will be nice to enjoy some lower key fun this month.  My dinner group is getting together this weekend and the DFW Blogger lunch is the following weekend.  Lots of fun!!

CrossFit should be interesting tonight!  Here's to not puking!!!



Leslie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Sounds like a fun time at the casino, I can't be trusted around slot machines.

Do you think the "sisters" at the casino were sister wives? LOL!

Cat said...

What an exciting trip!! Thanks for the pics too, you all look fabulous. I love that Blue/indigo you're wearing too Beth.

Laura Belle said...

I love to grill. Although Ryan won't let me when he's around...'it's a man thing ya know'. BS. I love it. I think i'm going to do fajitas at the lake this weekend. just cut em up and put them in a pan. Waalaa.

Looks like a ton of fun! I think the 'sisters' were nuns. that's too funny!

Debi said...

I'm so glad you were there last night, I needed to see you!!!! :)

Stacey said...

Glad you are feeling better. Cross-fit is sounding very intriguing.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I'm worn out just reading it!

Andrea said...

I''m glad you are feeling better! I'm so sad I missed the meeting last night! :(

Dawnya said...

That dress is gorgeous on you. I need to move to Dallas so I can participate in all these excursions.