Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you, BBF!

Dear Debi,

I can't tell you what being BBFs means to me.  I know I tell you often how much you, your support, your friendship and your time mean to me, but I don't think it can ever be said enough.  Plus, I have something very specific to thank you for.

Yesterday, you called me out for not wearing my Body Bugg at the DFW Blogger Lunch.  At the time, although I appreciated the calling out, I chalked it up to vanity.  And even though that is stupid, I thought that it was no big deal and I would just put it back on today and move right along.  But here I sit at work this morning, sans Bob.  Why, you say?  Well, it seems that if you don't do something everyday, if you don't get used to wearing something or putting it on is easy to forget. 

I think if YOU wouldn't have called me out yesterday, I would have blown this off.  But because you did, I now realize that this commitment can't be sometimes.  Not because of those moments that I may not need it, but because of the times those moments bleed into moments I do. 

It's like Pres's philosophy on food, if you eat something, you will have a fleeting moment of pleasure; but a healthy & fit body will bring you consistent and unending pleasure.  The same thing could be said here.  Any discomfort or unhappiness I might feel from wearing my Bugg in public with squished up fat hanging out for all to see, would have faded by now.  But the consequences of my actions linger and today I'm annoyed with myself.

Today, I will log my info just like any other day.  Today, I will go to Jazzercise just like any other Monday.  And tomorrow, Bob will be back.  No harm, no foul. 

But I wanted YOU to know that yet again, you have made a difference for me.  I honestly cannot imagine doing this without you. 

Super big hugs, my dear friend!

Beth Ann


Ronnie said...

Crap. I haven't worn my Fitbit in 3 days now, thanks for reminding me, both of you ladies!

Debi said...

I think I might cry ... which is saying a lot since you know I am dead inside! :)

Just so you don't think that I am perfect or anything (ha!), it was super hard for me to wear my Bugg when meeting y'all yesterday. It is not cute or fashionable and I'm self conscious as well about the squishy arm fat and what people will think when they see it. However, I am soooo glad that I did wear it! Not only because it inspired you but also because it keeps me honest. I was able to say no to the ice cream because I wanted to make sure I had a deficit. It was awesome that the lady in American Eagle commented about it to us, I find that it is a great conversation starter :)

You keep me pushing for success BBF! I can't imagine doing this without you either.

I love you bunches!

Amanda said...

You two are cute!!

I am wearing my BB. But my shirt covers it!

Cat said...

You too are so awesome!! :) I'm glad I have Robyn to go through this journey with too along with all of you ladies here in Blogland.

Samantha said...

eep! It's been weeks since I put on my body bugg. Bad me, thanks for the reminder!