Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do you break free?

I can't straighten my arms today.  As I did an arm routine at Jazzercise last night, I thought to myself that it was SO much harder than when I did it on Monday.  I really think that hanging from the bar at CrossFit worked the heck out of my arms.  I'm getting a massage today and I'm hoping she can help me work some of the soreness out of my arms and lower back.  And then I'm going to go to CrossFit again.  Ha!

Bob the Bugg Stats
Calories Burned:  2897  (247 above target)
Calories Consumed:  1559 (341 below target)
Calorie Deficit:  1338  (Woohoo!)

Steps:  14,247 (4,247 over target)
Physical Activity:  2 hours, 3 minutes (1 hour, 3 minutes over target.)

It was a good day as you can see!  And to show for it, I gained a pound.  Lovely.  So that cemented my decision for next month.  It will be No Scale August!  I think I will even give my scale to a friend for the month so I can't cheat.  :)  I will weigh on the morning of 7/31 and then I will weigh again on 8/31.  I will also take measurements at those times.  Not making any grand statements of what I plan to lose or accomplish, the goal itself is to continue to make good choices and not to weigh.  Now, of course, my hope is that this goes well and I will be another step closer to breaking the chains to the scale! 

The President of my Company (aka Pres) is an amazing guy.  He is probably the healthiest person I know.  From what i understand, that wasn't always the case but he seems to have conquered his issues with food.  He says that it still takes effort, like when the bread comes before dinner and his kids are digging in.  But he says that he reminds himself that eating it would just be for pleasure, that it isn't about the FOOD.  And he derives more pleasure from being healthy and fit.  I see his is mind over matter.  The frustration from not eating the deliciousness will fade, but what you get from being healthy and fit sticks with you always.

He follows the Paleo diet for the most part.  Meat & veggies, low sugar, no grains, no processed food...  I have been very resistant to just jumping in to the Paleo lifestyle because I've tried to give up carbs before.  In the past when I have done that, I ended up going off the rails with them and doing more damage.  This all came up when I was talking about limiting my calories and Pres insisted that I needed to stop counting calories.  If you eat for fuel and focus on protein and veggies, you don't need to count calories.  And he is right.  My issue is that I don't do that, so I need to count calories to make sure I stay under some sort of threshold. 

I can feel myself bending though.  I bought a book today about the Paleo philosophy and I will at least read more about it.  I know that I WANT my life to be less focused on food.  And counting every calorie in and every calorie out is not at all taking me in that direction.  I'm torn between what has worked for me in the past and how I want to live in the future.  Old me vs. new me? 

I'm so good at mind over matter with so many aspects of my life.  What is stopping me here?  I've come a LONG way toward healthy choices over the last couple of years.  But there are still a few barriers I need to break through.  I feel like I'm getting closer!  I will continue to mull on that, but for now:

One day at a time.  One meal at a time.  One work out at a time.  One good decision at a time.



Debi said...

I know you will do what works best for you! Keep on with your one step at a time :)

Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

Laura Belle said...

I think you're on the perfect track. no one can change everything all at once...we'd all be in the looney bin then.

But I like his mentality about food being food and not for pleasure. I really REALLY need to focus on that!

Cat said...

Hi hero! Yeah, I have to agree with Laura that his thoughts on food being fuel and not necessarily about the pleasure on what I consider on the right track for me. It may not be for everyone. I also think that food is part of pleasure in some cases. Every happy event we celebrate has food, drink and good conversation. Same with sad events. I believe the girls night out is about drinks and laughter and delish food. So there is some pleasure from food, but again, that's my 90/10 attitude that I'm working on talking there. I believe 90% healthy fit concious choices. 10% indulgence and less fit options. I believe that is living life. Not dieting.

That said, I still count calories in and out. :) I'm also only 4 mos into my journey and need this accountability for now anyway.

Becky said...

Hello, hello. New follower here :) I'm sort of like Cat now, I'm only 3 months post-op, so I don't mind counting my calorie and it is working for me. I don't count my outgoing calories precisely, but I do guesstimate on exercise to humer myfitnesspal.

Btw, I love your before and after/current pics on the side of your blog there. I think I'm going to have to copy that idea!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Ronnie said...

I'm intrigued by this Paleo lifestyle, I might try it along with you if you really want to. :) I think it would be interesting!

FitBy40 said...

I've cut out a LOT of carbs (no pasta, bread, rice, cereal, etc.) but I don't know if I could ever give up carbs totally!
Also, I like my sugar free chocolate pudding almost every afternoon for a snack, how could I give that up! Ugh.

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Wow GIRL - you're doing GREAT!! It's so frustrating to work so hard, do all the right things, and the freakin scale goes UP!!!!! I feel ya and am dealing with exactly the same thing. This morning the scale showed 184- for a fleeting moment. I worked out hopped on and it said 185 - WTF? Anyway - I just can totally relate. I'm interested in hearing more about your book and I've not heard of that diet before. I think its great that you're so close to your president of your company. Not many people get that opportunity! How do you like your body bugg?

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Hey - you said in your post on my blog that I wasn't set up for you to respond to me. Teach me how to set myself up b/c I'm not sure what you're referring to and maybe its the solution I've been hoping for all this time. I find it so frustrating not to be able to reply to posts. Teach me Teach me! :)

Amanda said...

we did arms yesterday so now my entire body hurts. I love it but I am telling you I am waiting for the pain to go!

I wish food wasn't something I think about all the time. I plan, I count, I eat..I think think think. I could eat the meat and veggie way for 75% of the time. I mean I practically already do that! But then I do eat crackers on occasion or tortilla chips! I am just not a huge carb eater! However this week is a different story!