Friday, July 29, 2011



A little ditty (courtesy of Drazil) where we answer a few questions on Friday to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break.  Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire!  Enjoy!

1.  Sun or rain?  Roses or tulips?  Romantic movie or comedy?

I think in the past I would have answered "rain".  But I have found a new life this summer and it has been nothing but sunny.  I never thought I would be outside "enjoying" and running (that should probably be in quotes too) myself in the sun.  Who am I??

I love flowers of ALL kinds.  Red roses are special to me because of my sorority and I have one tattooed on my hip.  It's sweet if you ignore the giant stretch mark that runs through it.  :)  But my favorite flowers are probably daises which wasn't an option.  :)

I like to be entertained, so if it is good, it doesn't matter.  If I had to choose, most of the time I will pick a comedy.  But sometimes a girl has to have her sap and on a day where I might be daydreaming about my boyfriend Adam Levine balancing things on his face (no, I'm not being dirty, that is just apparently a talent that he has) or Gym Boyfriend becoming my personal trainer (okay, I might be being a little dirty) then a romantic movie might be good.

2.  I've been sick lately and haven't eaten in two days - except for ice cream (Draz speaking)...which leads me to ask - what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I was always a straight up chocolate fan and I still love it.  But my two favorite flavors these days are Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon or Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche.  YUM!  My other favorite is Wooley's Vanilla Frozen Custard with Hot Fudge & Caramel.  Mmmmmmmm....  Damn it.

3.  Are you a door locker - in your house and car?
Yes, I lock everything.  I live in an apartment and on more than one occasion I have people try to walk right in.  I don't live in a crime ridden ghetto or anything, but car break ins happen a lot.  So, I double lock both apartment doors and lock my car at all times.

4.  In the spirit of my being sick and wanting to die (Draz again, even though I'm still getting over my sinus infection) - tell me your "go to remedies" for when you are sick?
Mostly I deny being sick until I can't function.  Although I have gotten better going to the doctor right away if I think it is an infection, i.e. coughing up the green stuff.  Yum!  Ice Cream thoughts gone. 

It always cracks me up when people don't go to the doctor because they "hate being sick".  Uh, yeah me too, that's WHY I go to the doctor.  Anyway, I'm much more on the mend and I think that treating it early and working out through it (since it wasn't a really bad infection) helped me get over it quickly.

Now if I'm dying, I like the cheese trifecta...doritos, macaroni & cheese and grilled cheese.  :)  I'm not even sure I could eat that anymore.  It has been a while since I was REALLY sick, obviously.  Ha!

5.  Repeat question:  Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Blog land is spectacular!  My Blogger peeps really help me put things in perspective this week and figure out a go forward plan.  It makes such a difference to know there are people out there going through the same things and supporting you.  It truly does.

Real life is good and busy.  Even though I'm home this weekend, it is busy, busy, busy!  Sunday, I take weight and measurements to check how CrossFit July treated me, then the scale goes to visit Aunt Lizard.  No Scale August...I'm ready for you!!!



♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Cheese trifecta - ha! Love that!

Amanda said...

lol...chese trifecta, gym boyfriend and personal trainer and a stretch mark through your tattoo!! just giggling!

Laura Belle said...

Ha! I love your response to the movie question. Hilarious.

Have fun this weekend!

Stacey said...

Trying to picture Adam Levine balancing things on his face. *Not succeeding in not being dirty on that one, sorry, I tried*

Cheese trifecta? Yum! It's been a while for me too, I have found memories, but in reality, they probably would be a major let down now.

Cat said...

The Adam Levine balancing things? I totally just saw that on Music Choice on cable!! That's so funny you just mentioned that!

*puffy hearts for you hero*

Andrea said...

LOL @ the cheese trifecta. That sounds good to me! Haha!

Ronnie said...

Cheese trifecta is SO right on! I used to make myself a grilled cheese (or two) and a whole BOX of macaroni and cheese and dip the GC in the MC. Mmm.

And those ice cream flavors? To die for. Even the infection talk didn't put me off it. LOL