Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm paired up with a girl a lot in my CF class, we will call her Legs.  I have noticed that Legs and Introvert talk to each other a lot, very closely in an intimate sort of way, but they drive separately and there really is no other indication that they even know each other.  She has been on vacation, but she came back to class last night.  I finally just came out and asked her if she knew him.  She said that they used to date and gave a little "awk-ward" face.  I asked if it was coincidence that they both joined at the same time and she said no, that they joined together because they were dating at the time.  They broke up right after they started!  Holy cow.  That IS awkward.  What is even crazier is that they dated for 2 1/2 years, so it wasn't like a quick thing.  I'm impressed that she stayed on even under the circumstances.  Go Legs!  Anyway, interesting drama!

Last night's class marks the beginning of the last week of Fundamentals.  We started with an 800m run (103 degrees...bleh!).  After a little more warm up, we practiced our Cleans with a barbell.  That was kind up cool.  And we learned how to do Snatches.  As an Olympic lover, I am familiar with the Olympic style lifts and it is SO COOL to be doing them.  We were just using the bars and PVC pipes...but still!

This time Bach had our class come up with the WOD.  She went through some decision making with us and we came up with this:
  • 400m run
  • 30-20-10 Wall Balls & Sit ups
  • 400m run
So, we ran, did 30 wall balls, 30 sit ups, 20 wall balls, 20 sit ups, 10 wall balls, 10 sit ups, then finished with 400m run.  In case you have forgotten, wall balls consist of squatting while holding a medicine ball then thrusting up, pushing the medicine ball to a line 8' up the wall then catching the ball, squatting, repeat.  I used a 10# ball.  It was a really good workout and I finished in 12:13. 

Interestingly, I feel like I did REALLY well even though I was last, besides Lately (but she finished...go Lately!)  I was about 100m behind the last person when we were done with the first run.  BUT, by the middle of the set of 20, I had almost caught up to Pukey.  If he would have done all his reps, I totally would have caught him!  CF is totally scalable, so it is perfectly fine not to do all the reps if you feel it is appropriate.  I'm not judging...I'm just stoked that Jazzercise has trained me well in sit ups and squats so I was able to pick up time! 

On a sidenote: I noticed that Jackass seemed a little more laid back last night.  He even made a joke to me.  I'm still hesitant, but maybe I'm backing up a little on the HATE HIM feeling.  One thing's for sure, I don't tend to hold grudges.  If you are nice to me, I will be nice to you!!

I woke up this morning with a sinus infection.  Yuck!  But I went to the doc, got some antibiotics and I bet I feel great by tomorrow!  I love my allergist.  I called at 9:20, had an appointment at 10:00 and I was dosed up by noon.  While I was out picking up my prescription, I went through the Taco Bell drive through.  I read online somewhere that there Chicken Taco Salad Fresco Style is only 240 calories.  So I got that with a side of sour cream (the Taco Bell website says a side of sour cream is 30 calories which I'm skeptical of so I doubled it.)  A very filling and tasty lunch for 300 calories.  Sweet! 

I try to plan out my daily meals ahead of time and then just kind of check it off the list as I go.  Sometimes I get thrown a curve ball and have to change it, but I've found that for the most part, it helps keep me on track.  Whatever works, right??

I skipped walking at lunch today because I was out for my doctor's appointment.  BUT, we have a fire drill in 90 minutes which will require going down 17 flights of stairs.  That will be some good calf work!!  Plus, cross your fingers that I run into Gym Boyfriend!  Half the building did it this morning, but I can still hope he is in my half.  :)

Tonight it is Jazzercise!  (Subliminal message to sign up for Chi-Town Jazzercise!  Email me!!)  I'm really looking forward to the weekend too.  Lots of fun stuff coming up.  Plus next week starts No Scale August!  Have a Boom Badoom Boom week!



Ronnie said...

Hehe, every time I hear that song I think of ya. Great job with the CrossFit last night! :)

And go Legs for staying even after her and Introvert are no longer dating, I woulda dropped it like a sack o' taters! lol

Dawnya said...

I would catch fire if I had to go down 17 flights of stairs. That is just wrong. Is the stair case air conditioned? Will there be fresh glasses of lemonade at the bottom? If not you should put that in the suggestion box. It's hot as Hades out.

You are really doing the damn thing at CF. It's awesome that you are enjoying it so much.

Laura Belle said...

Yes! way to be a fellow ass kicker on working out! Although, you kick way more ass than me.

I started planning out my meals too. But the darn husband screwed it up this week with taking my Thursday chicken portion and eating it today. But I'll think of something. Gotta love those curve balls!!

Amanda said...

No...NOOOOOOOO.....I can not gain 8 lbs. That will put me back over 200. . Ahhhhhhh. I trust me that meal was so easy. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. I am still not sure about going to the comedy show. I am on the fence!

Andrea said...

AWKWARD...Good for her! I think I would have found another class!

Glad your class is going well! Hope you feel better soon!