Friday, July 15, 2011

Still Focusing on the Basics.

It might be a new tradition that I start with a random sidenote at the beginning of my post.  :)  One of the girls from Vegas gave us her pictures and I saw them this morning.  I had to share this one because I look like Dorothy with my munchkins.  I swear I'm not a giantess, but my friends are all 5'3" or shorter.  I'm 5'5" and I had on ginormous platforms.
Jazzercise Girls at MGM/Vegas
The best part is that three of these girls are instructors and they are all very petite yet I still don't feel like I'm a big sow.  That is truly an NSV for me!!

Food (and water)

I did okay with food yesterday, continuing my theme of not making any dramatic dietary changes, but just making better choices as I go.  My calorie count was solidly where I want to be with little effort, but I still choose too many carbs.  We went to Boston's for lunch and I had Cajun grilled chicken with broccoli and a side of penne with pomodoro sauce.  All in less than 500 calories.  I did end up having two granola bars throughout the afternoon and while that fits into my calorie counts for the day, my goal next week is to come up with better snack choices.  I just love them so much!!  :) 

For dinner, I was running later than normal and I had popcorn again.  I won't say it is a bad choice, because I have made much worse recently, but it still isn't a GOOD choice.  Baby step.  Now, for dessert, I totally had a "time of the month" craving and at the time I thought blowing all the good I did away.  But now in the light of day and counting the actual calories, it wasn't all that bad.  I had 2T of peanut butter with about an ounce of dark chocolate chips.  Again, not a GOOD choice for a snack/dessert, but I'm chalking that one up to hormones.

I'm getting in under my target calories and feel sure that with my rigorous workouts, that I have calorie deficits for the day.  All of that is positive.  But the choices I'm making as I get there are about 50/50.  I would like to be more 80/20.


It was CrossFit Day #5 and it was 105 degrees.  Warm up was 800m.  I was still turtle pace, but I felt a little stronger in this one than I did on Tuesday.  We continued to warm up with some stretching and light calisthenics.  We spent longer today on learning Element form, but it was intense at times.  We have air conditioning most days, but when there is a lot of running (for the regular class), they shut it off and open the doors which was what happened yesterday.  Hot!!

At one point, I was learning to do a weight lifting move (still working on the terminology) and I was squatting for a long period of time.  When I got up, everything went white and I heard the guy next to me say that he was getting light headed.  I'm not sure if I said I was too or if I just thought it.  I totally went into mind over matter mode to bring myself back to the situation.  I did, then I drank about 1/2 bottle of water!  Yay for not passing out!!

WOD (workout of the day) - 3 set: 300m rows, 5 KTE (Knee to Elbows - where you hang on the bar and try to touch your knees to your elbows...mostly I just raised my knees as high as I could), 10 dumbbell (handweight) push presses (basically pushing the weights from shoulder height to above your head) with 15 pound handweights (total 30#).  We didn't time it so it was just for completion.

It was one of the toughest workouts so far.  But I will take it.  I was watching the chaos of the regular class going on at the same time as my Fundamental class and it was nuts.  They were lifting barbells and running around the could barely figure out where to walk without tripping someone or getting nailed with weights.  And to think that in a few weeks, I will be in that class!!  I'm terrified, but I'm also excited!! 

Since getting back from vacation, I have been averaging 45 minutes of exercise per day and I feel really good.  I'm sleeping better and I notice that I'm not as lethargic in the afternoons.  Now, I can just get the eating from Okay to Good.  :)


Tonight I'm just running some errands.  Tomorrow I have CF in the morning (hope I remember to set the alarm right this time!)  Then we are going to Cowgirl's ranch out in BFE Texas to have some girl's weekend fun.  I can't wait!!  Sunday is a free day that I'm going to enjoy so much.  Maybe grill some meat for next week, do laundry, watch TV.  Mmmmm...relax!

Have a super fun weekend everyone!!



Stephanie said...

You look fabulous and I'm glad you had such a great time!! :) Keep up with all the good work. you are doing amazingly!

Lady Lap Band said...

You look great!!! Send your motivation my way, you are doing such an awesome job at keeping yourself motivated!


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

What a great picture, you look terrific!

Leslie said...

You look so great in that picture!

I love how kick ass you are on your excercise, it is very inspiring!!

Shannon said...

love the picture! you look fantastic!

Stacey said...

You look awesome, that is such a pretty color on you! And you do NOT in any way, for or fashion look like a big sow!!!

My recent lovely discovery...Popcorn has 4g of protein for every cup. Yay!

Cat said...

What's up hero?? Oh - I see you're doing that little kick thing with your leg that you mentioned in your Cali pictures. I LOVE it!! :) It says to me, "I'm super cute and I love life *kick*"

So proud of you for your CF workouts. You are so my inspiration.

Ronnie said...

Do you think it's possible all of us are ALL synced up? Because it seems like everyone's OTR this week. LOL (I know, not a great contribution, but I tried.)

Ronnie said...

Oh, and of course you look fabulous - I love the dress!

Debi said...

You look beautiful! That is an awesome dress :) And all your CF is keeping me inspired to continue with my exercising, yay!

Amanda said...

BETH...I am not a sweet eater. But I have both chocolate and peanut butter in my house and AND I am on my period. I can think of nothing but now. Darn it.

DiZneDiVa said...

You look amazing... Wow!

FitBy40 said...

That is a great dress. Love it!

Andrea said...

You look great in that picture!!!