Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday! Yippee!

Last night was another CrossFit workout.  It is kind of hard to believe that in less than two weeks, I will be in the regular class.  I always get to class early and the earlier class is still working out.  Can I just tell you what a pleasure it is to sit there and watch?  There is one guy, the Hotness, that can make a pull up look like art.  I might have had to wipe the drool a little but I don't think anyone noticed.  There is another guy, we'll call him Hotish, that has an amazing body, but there is something off about his face for me.  I'm a face girl and while you might think this guy is utterly gorgeous (and I can totally see why you would think this), I think he is okay.  He doesn't have sideburns...or some other nutcase thing.  Anyhoo...I prefer to look at the Hotness, but Hotish will do in a pinch.  They are definitely the alpha males of the class and are trying to outdo either other.  Works for me!! 

So I have decided that I like Pukey and notPukey.  They are nice guys.  I still think Pukey is interested, but maybe he is just a nice guy.  Either way, I wouldn't change my level of niceness to him.  That being said...what is up with some guys??  And maybe it is girls too, I don't know.  We have 5 guys in our class, Introvert, Jackass, Lanky, Pukey and notPukey.  I didn't really have an opinion of Jackass until last week.  When we go to get PVC pipes, ab mats, or whatever, a lot of times one person will get several and hand them out.  That day, I did that and Jackass looks at me and says he will get his own?  Ugh...okay.  Whatever.  Yesterday, I got to class early and he was sitting in one of the two chairs.  He literally got up an walked across the room as I moved for the other chair.  What the hell?  He talks to Bach, so it isn't like he has a thing with women.  Plus, he is married.  Again, whatever. 

So, yesterday we started with a 400m run.  I can do that.  Then we practiced our Push Presses which is where you take a barbell off the rack to your shoulders.  Then you press up over your head.  I did 5 sets of 5 of these, 35#, 45#, 50#, 50#, 50#.  Then we learned how the proper form of all types of sit ups.  Jazzercise has given me decent core strength, so I had these!

Then we leaned Dumbbell Cleans.  Have you ever watched Olympic weightlifting?  There are two different types of events: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  The Snatch is when they take the weight from the floor over their head in one movement.  The Clean and Jerk are actually two different movements combined into one event.  In the Clean, you take the barbell from the floor to your shoulders and in the Jerk, you take it from your shoulders over your head.  There are some nuances I'm skipping, but that was the general idea.

WOD:  10! (the exclamation point, just like in math, means we did 10, then 9, then the last set of 1) - dumbbell hang cleans and sit ups.  We paired up and since I was the strongest girl, I paired up with Lanky who typically lifts less than the other guys.  The "hang" in hang clean just means that instead of picking the weight up off the floor, you start with the weight around your knees hanging from straight arms.  We used 15# dumbbells, so I was cleaning 30#.  Not bad!  I kept up pretty well with the guy, so that is good.  :)

After the workout, which wasn't TOO taxing for me today, Bach mentioned that Saturday was going to be a tough workout.  She looked right into my eyes and said that there will be a lot of running.  Heh.  Super.  She knows that this is going to be super tough for me.  But I will do it!  I don't care if it takes me twice as long as everybody else, I'm going to do it!

Bob Stats
Calories Burned:  2296  (354 less than target)
Calories Consumed:  1521 (379 less than target)
Calorie deficit:  775

Steps:  6423 (3577 less than target.  This is going to be tough to reach on CF days with low cardio)
Physical Activity:  46 minutes (14 minutes less than target...I had 2 hours of sitting though a CPE class and one hour massage.  Lots of down time yesterday.)

I have decided that next month will be No Scale August.  My hope is that I will get myself prepared mentally to lose the scale forever.  Not focusing on that though...just focusing on one step at a time.  No Scale August!

Today I made the good choice to stay in for lunch.  All my besties are headed out to eat today but since I'm having cake this afternoon (it is from Nothing Bundt Cakes which is my ABSOLUTE favorite) AND I'm going out to dinner, I decided that I should be good.  I'm going to work out, although it will probably be a short one.  And I will eat in which always seems to help in the calorie department.  So, not a super crazy healthy day, but I'm making a good choice that I would have never made before.  Baby steps.

So, dinner & Guys & Dolls tonight.  Tomorrow, I have CrossFit in the morning, a facial at 11am, then Harry Potter in the afternoon.  I also might try to get a pedi in there somewhere.  Sunday I have church, then it is time for the DFW Blogger lunch.  WOOHOO!  What a fun packed weekend!  Hope you have a good one!



Laura Belle said...

'Hotness'...that's awesome. I wanna stare at his pull ups.

You are just rocking it on the weights! way to go. and you'll totally be fine on Sat. I bet you even surprise yourself!

Have a great weekend, sounds like you're going to!

Amanda said...

I love your names for people!! So we are here together in arm pain! Helps relieve the leg pain though!

Sounds like a very busy weekend my dear! Take a breath or two in there!

Cat said...

Hi hero! :) Have I mentioned lately how much I love your nick names for people? Like all your besties and now your CF class mates. I adore them!

Also I am so jealous of your day tomorrow, even though my weekend last Saturday was actually quite similar with Zumba instead of CF, then pedi and Harry Potter. :) If you're a fan, you will LOVE it. I did.

So very excited about your weigh lifting. That's just so inspiring! Enjoy Guys and Dolls tonight dear. I love that one.

Samanatha said...

I'm really starting to think that when I'm in a bit better shape (like 2 flights of stairs don't wind me) I need to look into finding a crossfit class. you make it sound so fun!

FitBy40 said...

I do NOT like Jackass! How could he be such a jerk, especially to someone as super nice as YOU! I'd love to give him a piece of my mind. Jerk!
Great job on all the exercise and training you're getting in. Still my hero~

Ronnie said...

Jackass does indeed sound like a jackass! He's too cool for school or something. I didn't think Texans were allowed to act like that.

Maybe you could just very inconspicuously take pictures of Hotness and Hotish next time you're watching them. ;)

Also, maybe you should ask Pukey out for coffee. Granted he brushes his teeth. =P