Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Continuing to focus on the basics.

Yesterday was full of good choices.  It was the first day for my new Body Bugg (I like all of the name ideas you guys gave me, but Bob seems to be the one that is sticking with me.  I will keep you updated.) and it was nice to have that kind of feedback again. 

Calories Burned:  2464 (I believe this is slightly low because of a first day glitch with the bugg, but not much.  186 less than planned.)
Calories Consumed:  1518  (382 less than planned.)
Calorie Deficit:  946 
Steps:  9717 (This is low for a Jazzercise day.  Interesting...  283 less than planned.)
Physical Activity:  1:08  (8 minutes more than planned.)

So, some things better than planned and other things not as good.  But all in all, it was a good day.  I had the Uptown Salad with non-fat vinaigrette dressing from Potbelly's for lunch and it was wonderful!  Dinner was leftover grilled turkey breast, pork chops, mashed potatoes, & veggies.  SO GOOD!

I will be interested to see how many calories I burn tonight in CrossFit vs. what I burned in Jazzercise last night.  CrossFit overall is an hour, but it is more circuit training, so shorter bursts of high intensity activity.  Jazzercise is more of a curve where you warm up, have high intensity then cool down, ending with strength training.  Two COMPLETELY different approaches to fitness.  And I think it provides a great balance for my exercise routine.

I continue to notice the increase in my strength at Jazzercise.  And I have good form at CrossFit because of my Jazzercise training.  I love that!

My new motto:  One day at a time!  I'm not worrying about the rest of the month or even the rest of the week.  I'm taking each day on its own.  Today, I will make good food choices.  Today, I will CrossFit.  Today, I will be strong!



Debi said...

You ARE strong! And I think I might have to try that Uptown Salad, it sounds delicious :)

Kerri said...

Holy crap, I haven't been on your blog in forever and I see your updated photo...hot mama! I'm sitting here eating Doritos. WTF?!? I need to get my butt moving. Please move to IL and help me!

Ronnie said...

Bob wins!! I love it. :)

I think you're doing great with the different kinds of exercise. I do some aerobics with strength training and yoga, it's been working wonders. (Hopefully on my waistline!)

Isn't it great how each helps you with the other? I love that.

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Your June pic over there is really great! Tiny waist!! You're doing such a great job with the exercise and tracking it. I just ate dinner and I wasn't even hungry. Ugh. And I've not run since Saturday....today is Tuesday and I need to get moving too! This job thing - I've just not figured it in properly to my schedule.....but I'm gonna figure this out!! See - now YOU are inspiring ME!!! :)

Dawnya said...

I seriously need to try this Jazzercise you are so in love with. LOL

You are doing great. You have me wanting to name my BodyBugg. LOL

Can't wait to meet you on Sunday.

~Lisa~ said...

You ARE strong!! On so many levels!! You really make me anxious to get out there and get moving!

Cat said...

Hubby has been watching the Tour De France every day and one of the commercials that keeps sticking out for me, I think it's Nike, but they keep saying perhaps Strong is what's left when you've used up all your weak. I LOVE that. You ARE strong. and soooo my hero.

FitBy40 said...

Isn't it awesome to discover our own strength? I just noticed this week that I'm no longer struggling with push ups in my body pump class! i used to hate them with a passion, now I just do them and it feels normal!
Good for you. Great job!

Laura Belle said...

you are doing so freaking fantastic!! CF and Jazz! I love it!

And way to go on taking it one step at a time. sometimes we overload ourselves with trying to control our eating and exercising and then we just fail.

Keep it up!