Friday, July 29, 2011

T-G-I-F! T-G-I-F! T-G-I-F!


Last night started with an 800m warm up.  I hate that...truly.  Then we practiced Snatches with a barbell.  Those puppies are hard.  The Snatch is an Olympic lift where you lift the barbell from the ground above your head in one motion (different from the Clean & Jerk which are two separate motions.)  I have good form with a PVC pipe, but when you add the weight of the bar...not so much.  I will have to practice that one for a while.  We also learned all the different and fun exercises you can do with kettlebells.  Kettlebell swings are when you bend over and pass the kb through your legs then use your hips to swing the kb out and over your head.  We also learned that True Form push ups require you to go all the way down to the floor with your chest then raise your hands off the floor before starting the next movement (knees can be on the floor).

  • 200m run
  • 25 KB swings (18#)
  • 15 True Form Push ups
  • 20 KB swings (18#)
  • 10 TF Push ups
  • 15 KB swings (18#)
  • 5 TF Push ups
  • 200m run
I still had 50m left in my run when the last person (except Lately) was already back inside.  When I started my KBs, I was significantly behind everyone else.  As I started my last set of push ups (knees off the ground for EVERY SINGLE ONE, although they both have multiple bruises from hitting the floor.  Crappy form, Beth Ann), I realized there were other people still on KB swings.  WHAT??  I had 4 push ups left when Army Girl started on the last run.  When I left the building to start my 200m run, I left with Lanky (who quickly passed me), but Pukey, notPukey, Legs & Lately were all left in the building.  Not only did I catch up during the strength portion, I passed some people.  Holy crap!!

Pukey passed me on the 200m run, but the other three finished behind me.  I was so proud!!  Bach had some wide eyes telling me how well I did.  I told her if I could just run, I could kick ass.  Ha!  It really did make me feel good.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last class. 

Bach mentioned that she would sign us up on Saturday if we wanted to go forward.  I told her about my desire to try morning classes and asked if the usual people in those classes were a bunch of alphas.  She said that the morning classes are all guys, but that they are nice AND she trains most of the 6am classes.  So that's a plus!  I make no promises or committments other than trying the morning class on Monday and seeing how it goes.  I plan to sign up for the 3x per week option, but if mornings don't work out, I will probably scale it back to 2x per week.

Oh, and apparently, the Hotness & Hotish have names.  I won't bore you with them, but the important part is they stayed around after their class (shirtless...sigh) and chatted a bit with Lately.  I know they would have talked to me if I would have looked up, but insecurities took over.  Stupid me.  At one point, they were doing these sit up things and it was positively delightful.  The Hotness looked right at me and I'm pretty sure he saw the drool.  Heh.  I do love the pretty!

The Scale

Today I'm finally at my lowest weight since starting CrossFit.  That weight gain was a b*tch, but I KNOW that my body is better today at this weight than it was a few weeks ago at the SAME weight.  Plus, I'm getting some guns.  Sweet!!  I still have a few pounds to go to get back down to my very lowest, but this is a good start.


Now this is the time of the week where things usually start falling apart.  I have over a 4000 calorie deficit for the week, it is BFF's birthday weekend, it would be time to let loose and have some celebratory food & drinks.  So, here is my plan: 
  1. Lunch - we are going a tasty place with down home cooking.  Way old me would get the chicken fried steak, the fried chicken or the fried catfish.  Last week's me would get the grilled salmon and grits and only eat a portion of the meal.  Today's me will make the choice to have soup or soup & salad for lunch.  They actually have some good broth based soup, so I think it is a healthy as well as a tasty option.
  2. Dinner - we are going out to an Italian restaurant (no nutritional information posted) for BFF's birthday.  We are going with a bunch of friends and I would normally get some sort of pasta dish and have a couple of drinks.  Today I will choose to have grilled chicken with vegetables and ONE drink.  I actually like grilled chicken when it is made well.  I've never had it at this restaurant, so it will be good to know what it is like anyway.
  3. When I get home, I will have a pudding snack for dessert.
When I get home tonight, I will make a realistic food plan for Saturday and Sunday.  I think that these steps will help me not blow all my weekday progress on the weekend.  The only other big thing I have to deal with is getting up at 5:30am on Monday.  I will have to have everything planned out, packed and ready to go so I can just get dressed, brush my teeth and head out.  I will just focus on this one time, on this one day for this one class.  Everything else will come later.

Have a Boom Badoom Boom Boom weekend, y'all.  I plan to!



Liz said...

I gotta say - I am so proud of you for getting down with the CF...but you have definitely made me decide that it is NOT for me, haha!

Laura Belle said...

Good plan for the weekend! I think you'll totally do great!

I got up today at 5:30 to run! Yeah! I didn't want to, and I really, REALLY, had to push myself, but I did it and am so glad!

have a boom boom weekend yourself pretty thang!

FitBy40 said...

You totally scare me with this Cross Fit stuff! You are an animal and I give you so much credit for venturing out of your comfort zone and kicking butt!
Have a great weekend.

Cat said...

OMG Hero!! You seriously are so kicking ass with CF. I absolutely have to try this when I get a bit more weight off. You are such a warrior. I'm also so proud of you for coming from last to get inside to finishing third! Such an amazing accomplishment.

Also, fantastic food choices for your dinners out. I too have found I really like grilled chicken.