Thursday, February 17, 2011

And some more acid reflux talk...

So, yesterday was a good day.  But then night time came...  Wow.  The acid reflux came on with a vengence.  It was HORRIBLE!  I know that acid reflux is a huge sign the your band is too tight, but I could eat.  In fact, I could eat fine.  I had been too tight before and I could barely get down liquids.  Even then, I didn't have acid reflux to this extent.

In the wee hours of the morning, you start imagining a lot of horrible things and I knew I needed to go to the doc.  I called on my way to work and when they said they could take me soon, I turned right around and headed for Ft. Worth.

When I got there, I discussed my issue with the nurse and she said that I was too tight.  She said that it didn't matter that I could eat, I was too tight and I needed a deflate.  I convinced her to not go crazy and she only took out two tenths.  It was exactly what I needed.  My reflux hasn't cropped up today and I'm hoping the night will go well.

I should have gone in a week ago.  I should not have been so hardheaded!

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Band Groupie said...

Oh Darling...been there, done that (waiting it out)...don't worry, it will heal and you'll be fine. Some lessons we have to learn the hard way (my reflux was worse during the day on an empty stomach too...and reflux at you know...and me too, RED FLAG!). Hope the restriction stays and it's just the tweak you needed.

SO, SO happy to hear you're going to BOOBs! Can't wait to meet! And thanks for the comment...I had no idea ;-)

Loved the Bush story! Too cool!