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Monday, September 27, 2010

This morning I weighed in for my weekly Monday official weight and I was the exact same weight I was this time last week. Normally, I would be SO UPSET! But not today. Today, I know that I most likely lost over a pound this week, but I'm still dealing with the havoc put upon my body from being sick. Last week, I "lost" 4.4 pounds according to the scale, but I know if reality, it was more like 2.4. This week it says ZERO, but I know it is more like 2. So, PFFFFFFFFFFFFT to you scale! I have the power now!! And now that I'm back on track, things will be back to normal. I win.

I won't be able to reach my mini goal before my trip to NOLA, but it was an aggressive one. I have 8 1/2 weeks to lose 13.20 pounds to reach my Thanksgiving goal. That one I'm determined to reach!!!

I had a nice relaxing weekend before my whirlwind October begins. Despite the rain on Saturday, it cleared up enough for us to have a couple good hours at the drag races in Ennis. Boy, those cars are LOUD!

Sunday, after I spent an hour at church with my stomach growling virtually the ENTIRE TIME (I really need a fill...), we went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I had some egg concoction. It was good, but I think I prefer IHOP. Then I went bargain jeans shopping. At Kohl's, I bought a pair of SIZE 14s!!! They are Gloria Vanderbilt and they tend to run big, but STILL...SIZE 14! No "W" after it or anything! :smile:

Then I went to Cato. When I was bigger, I LOVED the way their jeans fit me. Plus, they are cheap! I got to shop on the SKINNY side of Cato this time which was a big, huge stinking deal! I bought a pair of the Classics and a pair of skinny leg (heh.) in size 16. I think I am a true 16 right now. Not bad, but I will be REALLY excited when I am a true 14. (Don't get me started how I'm going to feel when I'm a true 12, because that has NEVER happened in my adult life!!!!)

Lot's of exclamation points this morning. Hmmm. or Hmmmm!!!! :ohmy:

I'm not wearing any new stuff today, but I am wearing a shirt that I haven't been able to wear since 2006. Yay! I'm starting to think about what I need to take on my trip to New Orleans this weekend. Must look sassy!!

Have a great week everyone!

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