Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sleep Study

Last night was my sleep study.  The tech told me that they don't really talk to you about your results, but that they would only come in and put me on a CPAP machine in the night if I was registering over 40 events per hour.  If I recall correctly, when I went through the prior two studies, I was in the 80-95 event range.  However, they DID NOT come put the machine on me AT ALL throughout the night.  I'm quite anxious to meet with the doctor to see what that means. 

Did my apnea simply lessen?  It was full on treatable apnea before, but now I have less than 40 events per hour...so my sleep is disturbed but it stays untreated?  Or is my apnea truly gone?  I know that I woke myself up snoring several times, but each time I was on my back.  I don't typically sleep on my back but the tech requested that I do so for the study.  Maybe when I sleep on my side, I won't snore.  I LOVE the thought of not needing my machine anymore, but I'm concerned that I might still snore which would be disturbing for others.  For example, I'm staying with 3 other girls in Vegas for the Jazzercise convention and I don't want to be the snorer!  My machine is embarrassing, but it doesn't keep people awake.  Plus, it took me so long to get used to that thing, now I can hardly fall asleep without it.  I will have to retrain myself!

So to summarize:  it looks like things are better as far as my health is concerned, but I still need to get the official diagnosis from the doc.  I will keep you posted.

NSV:  I used to look for any reason not to work out and I'm pleased to continue for that not to be the case anymore.  Today, my new car was getting some TLC at the dealership for longer than I anticipated and I realized I was going to miss Jazzercise.  So, I went out and ran.  I increased my normal home route (1.75 mi) by adding a block and ended up going about 2.25 miles.  There are quite a few hills right around my apartment, so it is a decently challenging 2.25 miles too.  At work, my outside route is 2.5 miles but a little less hilly.  Anyway, I'm pleased with myself.  YAY!!

Back to work tomorrow.



Read said...

Great to hear about the sleep apnea - I look forward to hearing what the actual diagnosis is. And - good for you for having been able to flip the switch about exercising. That's a great place to be.

Bonnie said...

Hope it's gone completely. That would be great. You should be pleased with the run. You could have totally blown it off blaming it on the car being at the dealer. Good for you.

Ronnie said...

I hope your apnea has resolved itself! :) That would be awesome! I HATED my sleep study. I didn't even get a machine (couldn't afford it), but I just sleep on my side or on my stomach so it doesn't bother me.

And awesome for you for making new plans to workout! I know I miss it when I don't workout. :)

nikki said...

Fingers crossed your apnea is a thing of the past! :) And yay for your new love of working out! :)

SUchipmunk said...

Can't wait to hear the results from your sleep study, I know I'll be excited when I reach the point that I can go get off of my CPAP too!