Saturday, February 26, 2011

Conquering Cowtown!

Last night I picked up Kat and Thomas and we drove to Ft. Worth to pick up our Cowtown 5K packets.  It was a bit of a drive during Friday night rush hour (especially for a 10 year old) so I made up a game and they had to find words on signs that start with each letter of the alphabet in order.  Q and Y were tough and I don't think we ever found Z.  Ha!  I relented on X and they just had to find it somewhere in the word.  I'm nice like that.

We came back home and met Cori for dinner at Chili's.  In the spirit of having a great, non-cheat weekend, I had a 1/2 rack of ribs with black beans.  I only ate 1/2 of the portion, so it was very calorie effective.  I totally wanted to go for ice cream after but we refrained.  We dropped Thomas back at home and Kat & I headed back to my apartment. 

We were up bright and early.  Quite possibly the BEST NEWS OF THE WEEKEND, Kat informs me that I do not snore at all.  How awesome is that??  I have had sleep issues forever and now it really looks like they are going away.  This alone would make the whole band experience AND tonsillectomy worth it.

We made our way to the 5K start and got in line with about 12 minutes to wait.  Once it started, we slowly weaved through traffic.  I run around 14 minute miles, so I started in the 11+ section.  It amazes me how many slower people start closer to the front.  I HATE to slow people down so I really try to start back and stay out of the fast folks way.  I guess not everyone feels that way.  Plus, it bugs me when walkers walk 3 and 4 people across.  I'm not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to do my best.

Anyway, the first mile sucked.  I think I didn't stretch out well and was all tensed up.  At the first mile marker, I told Kat to run ahead.  She was having a hard time staying back with me anyway and I wanted her to do her best.  At that point, I started loosening up (and the course started going downhill), so I felt so much better.  From mile 1 to about mile 2.5, I felt good.  That last half mile or so was tough again.  I usually run 2-2.5 miles in my workouts so my body was expecting it to be over.  Ha!

I could see the finish line and just had no kick left in me.  My goal was to finish in 43:51 which was 30 seconds quicker than the last one.  I knew I was sucking wind and there was no way.  As I approached the finish, I heard a girl tell her friend she was going to finish in under 45 minutes.  I glanced at the clock and it said 43:45.  I found a turbo in me that I had no idea existed.  I saw the clock pass 43:51, so I'm guessing my gun time was around 44:10.  But my chip time should be less than that!!  I feel like without a doubt, I beat my last time.  I just have to get the official time.  Monday, I will post pictures and let you know my time!  :)

We stopped  for breakfast on the way home.  I splurged just a little and got a small orange juice and a skillet meal that had ham, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, & over medium eggs.  I ate roughly half of the portion.  After breakfast, I got a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte and started catching up on my blog reading. 

Last note:  I have new upstairs neighbors.  When I first moved in, I had a very quiet girl.  When she moved out, she was replaced with the loudest family ever.  They were up at 5am every morning and up until 2am every night.  It was exhausting.  When they moved out, I practically threw a party!  It has been blissfully quiet for months.  A new family moved in last night with at least one child.  They are loud walkers and make a lot of noise during the day, but they seemed to wind down by 11pm last night.  If they are quiet from 11pm-6am, I will try not to complain about anything else.

Have a super weekend, everyone!!



Drazil said...

CONGRATS - you kicked ass!!

Liz said...

You rock! Congrats on completing the race!

SUchipmunk said...

Congrats on the race!!!

Sarah G said...

Congrats on the race!!

I know what you mean about loud upstairs neighbors! We had a family move in above us that was just a mom, dad & teen daughter they were pretty quiet. Then their other daughter's (young) kids started coming around. I think they literally jumped off the furniture all day long, but not every day. Then they moved in full time. 12+ hours a day of thumping & bumping, clamoring up and down the stairs that lead right over my door. Gah! Thankfully we bought our house and moved out not too long after that started!

Ronnie said...

You did great in the 5K - I'm proud of ya, lady! :)