Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aren't Chinese people small? Or am I making that up?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last night on my way home from Jazzercise, I decided that since I worked out twice (ran at lunch and did high impact Jazzercise at night) that I would stop and get myself something fun to eat. I told my mom that I was getting Chinese food and she said that I was going to weigh more the next day. I told her that I wasn't planning to eat A LOT, I just wanted something different. She told me that she thought that Chinese food made you weigh more the next day. Whatever. I ordered the Mandarin Chicken which is not fried, but I did have the sauce. I just ate the chicken, no side item. I also drank about 2 glasses of Diet Cran Grape juice. This morning I am up 1.4 pounds!! Crazy. Considering I had over 1000 calorie deficit yesterday, I know it isn't real, so I'm ignoring it. But geeze!!

I was really proud of myself yesterday during my run. I ran almost the entire two miles at some sort of incline. I also got the incline up to a 4 in some places where as last week the inclines were lower and shorter duration. I "sprinted" the last few tenths of the 2nd mile. I discovered that when I really push myself faster, I lengthen my stride. So I think if I can work on that and get myself to naturally lengthen my stride while running, I can improve my speed with less effort than it would take to actually increase my pace. We will see how that works. I have 5 weeks to improve before my next 5K.

Today's new items: I'm wearing my new Victoria's Secret bra. It sure is comfortable! I'm wearing a tan, black & white animal print tank under a brown short-sleeved sweater that cinches with a button at the waist. I paired with my new Levis (size 16!!) and my new brown low-heeled brown loafers. I'm feeling sassy today!! New clothes from head to toe. :thumbup:
Today is a no exercise day. We are meeting some friends for lunch and tonight is the So You Think You Can Dance tour!! We will be there along with an audience full of 12 year old girls screaming our heads off!! Woooooooooooo!

Have a happy Wednesday!

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