Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starting year #2 of my new life with a new blog.

After my Lap Band surgery in January 2010, I started a blog on a website dedicated to LB information.  It was so helpful to me and I interacted with some wonderful people.  A year has now passed and I decided that while I liked to chronicle my experiences, I was ready to branch out from the LB topic exclusively.  Because I'm still 20-60 pounds from my goal, weight loss is still a major focus in my life and will continue to be a big part of my blogs. 

I started blogging about LB because it seemed that people who blogged were successful and I wanted to be successful.  What I figured out is that there are two reasons that is so.  First, feedback is so fantastic!  I was able to get feedback from people going through similar experiences.  Second, it gives me something to look back at that can give me an accurate representation of what I have gone through. 

I'm worried that by changing my blog location that I will lose a lot of the feedback, but I'm going to take the chance anyway.  I believe that using this site will allow me to stay more connected to my blog and post other interesting things as I go.

Setting up this blog was time consuming because I chose to copy all of my old entries to this site.  As I transferred them, I read every single entry.  I had several good laughs.  It does seem like I make a new goal every other week, then explain why I don't meet my goal each other week.  :)  I also learned that when I got burned out (around October), I just checked out.  I said the words, but I stopped the actions.

I had a fill a couple of days ago, so I'm on track with my band.  I will start back to my exercise routine just as soon as this ice storm is over!! 

Whether I have followers or not, I have to remember that this is for me.  And whether I meet every goal or make useless new committments will help me later to record it all. 


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Debi said...

Can't wait to read about (and be a part of) year 2!! This is the year we reach our goals :)