Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go with the brain or the heart?

So I did my test driving today and I narrowed it down to two car options. 

Option #1 - Fiesta.  It is fun, funky, and affordable.  Pros:  payment will be over $100 less, fun colors (considering yellow, green, blue, & magenta), push button start, more room storage/passenger room.  Cons:  V4, so doesn't have the pickup that I'm used to and it is more practical (meaning, not as cool.)

What color do you like?

Option #2 - Mustang.  I have a much more emotional reaction to the Mustang.  Pros: way more fun to drive, more comfortable driver's seat, it is cool.  Cons: $100 more per month, less room for cargo or passengers.

I'm looking at blue and grey.  This is the closest picture I can find to the trim I'm considering.

I think I'm 60/40% in favor of the Fiesta at the moment because it is trendy and affordable.  I mean, I do really like the car...$100 less per month for 3 years is $3,600!!  That is a lot of cash.  But then I think of the Mustang and I think of how fun and comfortable it was to drive.  There was really no comparison in that department.  I really don't know what I'm going to do!!  That is so unusual for me.  :)

On another note, if you followed me on Lap Band Talk, you should remember Jax, my Body Bugg.  Monday things finally start getting back to normal after the storm AND I seem to be at a good place with my fill.  So, it is time for Jax to come back.  Plus, I really have to start training for the Cowtown 5K which is coming up at the end of the month. 

Special shoutout to those of you who have followed me from LBT!  You all mean a whole lot to me!!  :) 



Alison said...

I'm new to your blog after Janelle sent me here, just wanted to say hello.

I'm British and fiesta's are very common here, I used to have one and loved it, I'd go with magenta!

Ma B said...

Go with your heart!!

Bonnie said...

Go with the Mustang - Definitely! Life is too short to drive a V4. :)