Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time for a fitness challenge!

Monday, January 11, 2011

Yesterday, I didn't take the time to write my blog entry in the morning and then I never got back to it. That seems to be a thing, so I have to make it a priority. History shows that blogging keeps me on track and I WANT to stay on track and reach my goals!

I have started another of my fitness challenges. They have always been so successful for me in the past so it seems like good timing. I plan to work out 6 times a week for 6 weeks...with at least 1 workout per week dedicated to running. I didn't want to get too specific or too hard core. I wanted it to be doable, but a challenge.

Sunday, I did the free run on the Wii for 20 minutes. Not a huge workout, but it got me moving on an otherwise lazy day. Yesterday, I worked out at lunch doing lunges, 8 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill and some strength training. After work, my LB Support Group meeting was cancelled (sad!), so I went to Jazzercise for an hour. So by the end of Monday, I had done 3 of my 6 workout committments!!

Today, I plan to walk on the treadmill at lunch. I have found that hills (inclines) are my weakness, so I'm attacking that. Right now I'm walking at 3 mph, but I hope to increase that over time. Then I vary the incline between 5-15. It is funny how walking at a 15 incline for a few minutes make a 5 incline feel like a breeze!! I have noticed that on my 5Ks, I do all fine until I get to a hill and then I just poop out. My hope is to develop some resistance toward that. Since my knees won't allow me to run every day, I can still work on it with walking.

Have a wonderful day!!

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