Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starting again presents a challenge.

Tuesday, January 12, 2011

It has become abundantly clear to me that my fill was not aggressive enough. I was so concerned about being too tight that I ended up not being tight enough. I guess it is better than being too tight, but it is also frustrating. That said, I have almost 3 weeks until my next fill, so I need to suck it up. I may not be able to meet my aggressive goal by then, but I should still be able to lose 2-3 pounds with a regular diet and exercise. Yippee.

It is that "time of the month" (except in my case I only have 4 per year), so I know my hormones are haywire, so I'm trying to be patient. But what is frustrating is that I'm logging all of my Body Bugg results and I have a calorie deficit each day this week, but each day I weigh more. I know, I know...quit weighing every day. As a certified Scale Whore, that isn't going to happen. But I do have to revisit my committment to focusing on my input not what comes out on the scale as output. I'm sure the discrepancy is due to hormones and if I'm patient and continue doing what I should, the scale will reflect that shortly.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to make some extra sacrifices. Since I need more volume to be full, I'm going to have to eat lower calorie items. Additionally, since I need to snack to quell the hunger, I will need to steer clear of my "treats" and snack on healthier, low-cal options.

This is not a big deal, but it is a challenge. Obviously, I am not a tremendously successful dieter or I would not need a Band. But it is a short term issue that will be fixed with another fill. People who aren't Banded don't have that type of comfort or support to look forward to, so I am am fortunate. I have my fitness plan in place, now I just have to implement these few tweaks to my nutrition plan and I am in business.

Have a wonderful day!

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