Monday, February 28, 2011

Cowtown Last Thoughts and Makeup Lessons

Since today is the end of the month, I won't post my weekly weigh in now.  Instead, I will cover everything in my monthly update tomorrow. 

I'm sure you have all been on pins and needles waiting to hear about my official Cowtown 5K time.  :)  Well, I mentioned that I was quite sure I beat my last time, but I wasn't sure by how much.  Well, the results are in!  My time at the Jingle Bell Run 5K in early December was 44:21.  It wasn't a particularly challenging course as it was mostly flat.  My goal was to beat that time by 30 seconds, so 43:51.

I think I told you in my last post about how much more challenging this course was.  It was the hardest I have done (thanks to the hills of Louisville, KY), but the entire first mile was uphill!  My gun time (the time from when the gun went off to when I crossed the finish line) was 44:02.  So I did indeed beat my last time even by the gun.  However, my chip time (the time from when I crossed the start line to when I crossed the finish line) was 42:26!  Not only did I meet my goal, I smashed it!!  I beat my last time by 1:55 and not on a flat course!  My time equates to 13:36 per mile.  Since I started around 16 minute miles and I could only run one (less than a year ago!), I'm so proud I just can't even tell you.  Here is a pic of Katrina and me at post-race breakfast.
Don't you love the sexy midriff sweat stain?!?!  My next 5K is on May 1 which is still 2 months away.  I would really like to run it in 42 minutes flat or at least 13:30 pace. 

New topic: hair and makeup.  I have really started to like my short hair.  However, it is HORRIBLE for working out (and trying to go back to work after.)  When my hair was longer, I could put it up in the afternoon after a workout, but now it just lays there and drips.  Awesome.  So I either have to grow it back out or chop it off.

For those of you that remember how devastated I was when I first got my haircut, you may be surprised that I'm leaning toward chopping it off...Natalie Portman style.  I think it looks better on skinny mini girls, but I figure I can just do it for the summer, get to my goals by Fall, then start growing it back out to this length for winter.  While I will always continue my evening and weekend workouts, I think that when I reach goal, I might not do the ones at lunch.  So, the hair won't be as big of an issue.  We'll see.

Anyway, my point is this.  One of my biggest concerns is looking like a boy.  If I'm going to have super short hair, I need to learn to apply makeup.  I think it looks so pretty when a girl has a severely short haircut, but beautifully made up eyes.  I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom, stocked up on supplies and had a lesson.  It's so funny, because at first, I felt one (very classy) step from a hooker all made up like that.  But then I got used to it and I felt kind of sexy.  I took a picture to post for you and what cracks me up is that you really can't tell in the picture.  I mean you can tell I have on makeup, but it just looks normal.  Well, except for a little bit of crazy eye I have going on trying to ensure I don't blink when the camera flashes.  :)

Anyway, today was day #1 of operation Butch-be-gone.  I figure that I will make myself up for the next two weeks before my appointment.  If I stick with it, I will go short.  If I get lazy and don't stick with it...I'm growing out the hair.  Stay tuned!!

Can't wait to give you the scoop tomorrow on how my Food Focus is going!



Jen said...

Congratulations on beating your old time and on new terrain to boot!!!!

That makeup is TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS!

Amanda said...

You look beautiful with your new make up and hair!!

Justawallflower said...

Your run time is AWESOME! And I love the makeup. When I chopped my hair all off I used bandannas when working out and it worked great.

Drazil said...

You are so pretty - wow! And um - yes - love the sweat. You know me and sweat!

Lyla said...

Great job on your 5k- and what an accomplishment. I can't even imagine running half a mile much less 3.whatever of them.

My husband is a runner, though, and it would be fun to share an interest in 5k's.

Love the idea of NP hair, and with that makeup there will be no mistaking you for a boy (also, you have boobs, which helps ;)

Ronnie said...

Great job on your 5K time! What a great victory.

And you look beautiful, I think you'd look great with short or long hair. :)

OH, and you'll definitely have to come to lunch next time Trisha and I go, we were planning another lunch in about two weeks if you're interested!

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA - Operation Butch Be Gone, tooo funny!

catherine said...

Finally commenting from home!! As someone who has gone from long hair, to bald (yes by choice, bald as bald can be), to now a bob to my ears, your haircut is all how your sport it! If you rock a feminine attitude, then you'll look like a woman and not butch! I promise! (Actually, my profile picture is of me with super short hair). Regardless of your decision, the makeup is BEAUTIFUL and your hair as it is now or shorter will just compliment it...ROCK WHAT YOU CHOOSE!