Friday, February 4, 2011

What kind of car should I get?

I have an appointment to test drive new cars tomorrow with my Ford dealer.  Not sure if I will go because of the weather, but I have to make a decision soon regardless.  I'm sticking with Ford at this point, but I'm not sure what I want.

I currently have a Ford Escape.  Before that, I had another Escape, a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, & a Ford Explorer Sport.  Since three of my last four cars have been small SUVs, I was thinking of doing something different.

Option #1 - Fiesta.  Pros - inexpensive.  I can pay for all the bells and whistles available and still have a smaller car payment.  I can use that cash toward my 2012 London Olympic fund!  I've never been a car person, so I don't really care if it comes with status.  Cons - not sure if I will like how it drives.  And I'm not even sure what bells and whistles you can get.  I sure do love my heated seats.  :)

Option #2 - Fusion Sport.  Pros - cute enough.  Also less expensive and it is definitely different than what I currently have.  Cons - kinda boring.

Option #3 - Mustang.  Pros - super fun!  I've always loved Mustangs.  Cons - not very practical. 

Option #4 - Edge.  Pros - Different.  Smooth ride.  All the bells & whistles are available.  Cons - kind of a soccer mom car which is totally fine for a soccer mom, but I'm not one. 

Option #5 - Escape.  Pros - I do like them.  Cons - same old boring, same old.

My first project will be to test drive them and see how I feel about sitting lower.  Plus, the pick up on something like a Fiesta isn't going to be the same and I need to figure out if that is okay.  Seeing them in person might make a difference too.  Things don't always look the same online.  I really like my dealer.  She is the entire reason I'm sticking with Ford.  She's great!

It is hard to imagine that today is just Friday.  Because of the ice, I have sat around this apartment for so many days, that I can't believe I have the weekend to go through.  It would be okay if it would just clear up!  That is what I'm hoping for.  If it really gets up to close to 50 tomorrow, we should be good. 

If not, I should clean out my closet.  I'm not in a smaller size yet, but it could use some organizing.  Plus, I really need to go through my shoes.  I have about 75 pairs, but I wear the same 6 all the time and the others just sit there.  Time to use them or lose them!

I hope you are all out there staying warm!



Annie said...

Hi Beth,
New follower here! I found you on Lap Band Gal's site. I look forward to learning more about you and your success so far!

Annie :)

Michele said...

I am having some operator problems..I just wrote you a huge paragraph and not sure where it I will try again!! I used to drive a mustang before I had my baby!! Now I drive a Lincoln Navigator..needed some safer and something you could actually put a car seat in!! The stang is an awesome car but if you are used to hauling anything it is not the car for you! I used to coach/play softball (mostly coach since I couldn't run)and all that would fit in the car was me and the cooler and even then I couldn't see the passenger side mirror over the cooler! But I thought I looked good in it and it was a sweet car!!
Curious as to how the test drives went!!
take care!!

Debi said...

Go for the Mustang if that is what your heart truly desires! Life is too short to drive a boring car ;)

Debi said...

Oh, and don't minimalize the need for pick up when driving in DFW. I didn't realize how important it was until I didn't have it anymore.