Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monthly Recap

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another 7.6 pounds down! Yeehaw! I was concerned that my weight loss would slow down a lot after last month's lower (not bad, just lower than normal) loss. But I seemed to have bounced back which makes me VERY happy. :) Too reach my next goal, I need to lose 12 pounds. I am going to aggressively push to reach that by Thanksgiving. I can do it!!

I worked out 681 minutes in September which works out to an average of 22.7 minutes per day. I can live with that! I also finished my first 5K which is an amazing accomplishment for me!!

I lost 7 inches this month. Most notably, I lost another .75 inches from EACH thigh. I totally believe that my thighs are as small as they have ever been as an adult. I can't imagine how they will look by Christmas!! Also, I lost 1.5 inches off my bust and 2 inches off my hips. Since January, I have lost 13.50 inches off my waist and 13 inches off my hips. Incredible! I was totally muffin-topping out of size 3 Lane Bryant jeans (that's around 22/24W) at the time of surgery and now I fit perfectly into a lovely Misses' size 16.

What a super fun and happy day!! I just can't envision what future months will bring. Thank you all for your continued support! I will catch up with you all on Monday after my trip to NOLA!

~~ Laizzes les bons temps rouler! ~~

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