Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loss and well...loss.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exercise. Such a dirty word. There are those who hate it and refuse to do it at all. There are those that don't like it, but use it as a means to an end. And there are those that LOVE it.

I fall into the middle category. I don't like to exercise and if I didn't need it to lose weight, I wouldn't do it. Period. That is the honest to God truth. It is time consuming, it gets you all sweaty, it makes my feet, back, knees, etc. hurt. But..

Eight weeks ago, I had been banded for a few weeks and I was entering Bandster Hell and starting to gain weight. That was just not acceptable to me. After the hell of the preop liquid diet, the pain of surgery, and the cash that I laid out...I was NOT going to allow myself to gain weight, temporarily or not. I made an eight week exercise plan. I committed to workout with a trainer twice a week and work out on the elliptical machine twice a week. I also committed to being more active in general. The trainer was an expensive option but I knew that it was the only was to push myself without getting hurt.

I remember that four weeks into my committment, I wished it was over. I had the thought that it was too bad that I didn't only commit to four weeks! In retrospect, I know that if I would have only committed to four weeks, that is all I would have done.

I'm now officially done with my committment and my reward to myself as I mentioned before was a beautiful Tiffany necklace and key. So shiny!!

Today, I do not HAVE to work out. Today, I can go home and sit on my butt. However, after 8 weeks of working out, I don't want to. I lost 14 inches in April. 14 inches, people! I almost cannot believe it. Since mid-January, I have lost 33 inches. I measure my upper arms, wrists, neck, bust, waist, belly, hips, thighs & calfs. I have lost 6.5 inches around my waist! 5 inches in my upper arms! And almost 6 inches in my thighs!! I believe that so much of this is from exercise.

That kind of success breeds more success. So, I'm ready to go match that for May. I don't know if it is possible, but I'm going to try!!

Plus, I found out this morning that my grandmother passed away. I guess that is a whole different type of loss. She lived a long, good life and has been struggling with dementia in the last few years. I know she is now at peace and home with my grandfather.

Instead of wanting to go home and disappear into my sofa, I want to go work out. That is the difference 8 weeks makes.

I hope you all have a wondeful week!

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