Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entering Bandster Hell

Monday, February 8, 2010

All of my pains from surgery are behind me and I'm feeling good. I've not had any trouble eating from the beginning although I didn't have an appetite until this weekend. I gained 2 lbs this weekend from the solid food, but I guess that is normal. I'm not allowed to eat a lot of types of protein yet so I'm getting too many carbs. Wednesday I can add chicken and fish to my diet so that is going to help tremendously!!

I also need to get moving. I know I can't Jazzercise yet, but I can walk and work out with my Wii. I need to make a committment and do that this week.

I have a support group meeting tonight, my first since being banded. It will be nice to be able to share some of my experience and to better understand some of what others are sharing.

I'm sure Bandster Hell will get worse before it gets better. My first fill is a week from Friday. I just have to set my mind to "dieting" for a couple of weeks. That will be easier once I can eat meat and vegetables.

I can do it! Have a great week everyone!

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